Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Actor Yomi Fabiyi shares photo of himself kissing a female 'fan'

I have been saying in and i won't stop! Being a celebrity doesn't mean you a god, and you can do that which you want to do in your private conner as a 'celebrity without putting it on social media. Hence, if you continue to do that, we too won't hesitate to share it.

Its funny enough to know that some Nigerian ladies now request to kiss their celebrity crush in public? As actor and producer, Yomi Fabiyi, shared via social media.

"I respect my fans. She requested for a "French kis" and I obliged her. Rachel is a beautiful young Lab scientist. She couldnt hide her joy when she first saw me, she love my acting and movies. This was in a bus stop you know.

I APPRECIATE MY CORE-FANS(Followers), THEY ARE MY BREATHE. Some fans are FOLLOWERS and some are just ordinary SUPPORTERS."

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1 Response to "Actor Yomi Fabiyi shares photo of himself kissing a female 'fan'"

  1. Ladies this days when it comes to celebrity crush tho 😱😱