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Gender Equality, Gender Fusion or Gender Right- By Oni Ademola

Oni Ademola took to his Facebook page to talk about gender equality

 Read his piece below..

This is an issue that has been widely talked about & written on; with little or without an indepth understanding of the subject.

I will be looking at this very objectively and practically too. Please note that this does not apply to other genders apart from male/female, Man/Woman.

I have searched convincingly for the meaning of the word equality especially as it relates to gender. One that stood out is- "the believe that everyone should receive equal treatment and not be descriminated by gender". Then I went further to look up the meaning of the word "fusion": 'the merging of similar or different elements into a union'. What about the meaning of "right"?- many meanings but this was distinct 'Appropriate, perfectly suitable; fit for purpose'

Now, having those definitions in mind, and any other you choose to add, let's attach the prefix (gender).

It became significantly clear to me that what the world is clamouring for actually, to which I solidly support is 'Gender Right' and not Gender equality or largely related, gender fusion.
Women should be given the right to education, to freely participate in politics and business, Health-care as well as equal opportunities in any sphere of life. YES!

However, Men and Women can never be equal!

Gender equality emphasises 'equal treatment without the descrimination of gender'. But ironically, we live in a world where we still and would always hear things like "but you know she is a woman" or "you don't do that to a lady" or  " you can't talk to a lady that way" or in this our own Nigeria ".....and you call yourself a man". 

We still live in a society where the security of a woman and largely that of the family is highly dependent on a man. We live in a society where men are expected to open the doors for the women, carry the heavier stuffs, give consideration to her 'gender related  monthly notifications', etc.

If a woman and myself must be equal then she must never give her being a lady as a reason FOR or NOT being able to do specific things. I certainly will not accept it. But when she talks about her rights, then we can discuss.

How about gender fusion, the merging of similar or different elements into a union? This is a more correct parlance for marriage but it certainly does not define inter-gender relationships. The specific elements of gender distinction such as menstruation and pregnancy cannot be overlooked and fused into one in the name of gender equality. I mean it's not headache or stomach pain that could apply to either gender. So why should these distinctions be reasons enough for a woman not to do her job if we are equal? 

But when we put all of these into the definition of "Right" as described  above,  it will make more sense and help in understanding what really is to be clamoured for.

 "Right" is described as appropriate, perfectly suitable and fit for purpose. 

So a woman being excused from work because of an excruciating menstrual pain or pregnancy is not equality. It is just appropriate and fit for the purpose of business, largely because she will be less productive and could cause further damage to her health. Men don't get that. They only get sick leave which is applicable to all- that's equality. When a woman is allowed to go to school or participate in politics and so on, that's not equality. Again it is perfectly suitable,  appropriate and fit for purpose of development; both National and Self. Again, there are certain things that happen in those spheres to either gender which cannot happen to either gender- trust you understood that.

If we will generally agree that till the end of time, a man and a woman cannot be treated the same way and that the expectations of a man are different from that of a woman, and that we don't get similar reactions for our actions; then we should also agree that there can never be Gender equality or Gender Fusion. But rather a Gender Right; what is appropriate and perfectly suitable for the Gender.

Oni Ademola!

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