Thursday, 13 October 2016

Janet Jackson Confirms High Risk Pregnancy at Age 50

Megastar Janet Damito Jo Jackson officially confirmed her high risk pregnancy at age 50.

“We thank God for our blessing,” Jackson told People magazine exclusively.

Jackson and her growing baby bump appear in the current issue of the magazine. No doubt the pop icon posed for professional photos to silence the rumors that she is not pregnant or that she is “pulling a Beyonce” by hiring a surrogate. However, Blogger Sandra Rose shared her opinion on Janet, calling it a high risk pregnancy. Below is what she wrote;

"Ladies, please don’t try this at home. It is unnatural and unsafe for a woman of 50 to be carrying a baby. You can get pregnant at age 50 if you’re wealthy enough to undergo expensive IVF treatments and you have your obstetrician on 24-hour call. But for the rest of us, it is dangerous and impractical. Adoption is a safer and unselfish alternative." who agrees with her?

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