Sunday, 16 October 2016

Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie Back in the Game?


It seems everything is turning out well for Justin Bieber in London, and he shared the love with a group of adoring Beliebers and possibly his old girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

Justin's "Purpose Tour" hit London town Saturday night, but before heading to the after-party at Tape nightclub, he took time to hand out red and pink roses to the screaming fans waiting outside.

Report says he dropped about 100 pounds with a street vendor for the flowers but the interesting part is that his ex-girlfriend, Sofia Richie was also at the club.

Although, they didn't go in together and she walked out solo. But what we are not sure of is  if the bachelor Biebs saved a rose for Sofia. But! we're saying there's a chance.


Source: TMZ

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