Thursday, 13 October 2016

Michael Jackson Tops Forbes' 2016 Top-Earning Dead Celebrities List

Upon his demise, his lucrative empire still grows big, who am I talking about? You know him right? Relax! I will tell you. He's no other person than the king of pop himself, Micheal Jackson. Now you know! Although it’s been nine years since his passing, Michael Jackson still earns another No. 1 spot, this time on Forbes' 2016 Top-Earning Dead Celebrities list.

Sony paid the singer $115 million for a 50/50 partnership for Sony/ATV Publishing after Jackson initially bought the Sony/ATV publishing company for $47 million back in 1985 (the equivalent to $160 million today). Earlier this year, Sony bought Jackson's half for $750 million, giving the pop legend his highest payout to date. 

Cartoonist Charles Schulz -- known best for his iconic Peanuts franchise -- bows in at No. 2 with $48 million. The 2015 Peanuts' reboot The Peanuts Movie pulled in $45 million during it's weekend debut. Golf veteran Arnold Palmer, who passed away just last month, claims the No. 3 spot with $40 million. 

Music legends Elvis Presley and Prince close out the top 5, racking in $27 million and $25 million. Prince's Paisley Park recently opened it's doors to the public, and patrons paid anywhere from $38.50 to $100 to tour the recording studio, according to International Business Times. 

Check out the top ten of Forbes' highest-paid dead celebrities list here.

10. Bettie Page - $11 million
9. Albert Einstein - $11.5 million
8. John Lennon - $12 million
7. Theador Geiel "Dr. Seuss" - $20 million
6. Bob Marley - $21 million
5. Prince - $25 million
4. Elvis Presley - $27 million
3. Arnold Palmer - $40 million
2. Charles Schulz - $48 million
1. Michael Jackson - $825 million

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