Friday, 14 October 2016

Reno Omokri responds to Pres. Buhari and Emir of Katsina

Many things has happened since the inception of BBC Hausa's interview with Aisha Buhari, many opinions have been raised as per what President Buhari feels about his wife and all. From Nigerians to Dele Momodu and now, Reno Omokri. This is what he wrote:

"What moral standing have you as a Nigerian to criticize Donald J. Trump about his treatment of women when your own President has said publicly to the whole world that his wife belongs in his kitchen and other rooms? How can you justify him consigning her to the kitchen and bedroom for basically telling him to stop blaming Goodluck Jonathan and start finding solutions to Nigeria's problems as he promised? Yet, you leave this to condemn Donald Trump. Charity begins at home not at Trump Towers!'

-Reno Omokri

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