Thursday, 20 October 2016

Rihanna Steps Out Wearing a Hillary Clinton T-Shirt

When it comes to fashion, trust me! Rihanna is a goddess, No doubt about that. And with the way things are going in united States, it looks like all celebrities are behind Hillary Clinton.

Some of them may not have come out publicly but hey! That's the pretty fact one can't deny from. Vogue magazine recently came out publicly to announce her support for Hillary Clinton for the first time ever and now its rihanna, judging from her outfit. She’s not afraid of making a not-so-subtle political statement with her clothes as well. 

On Wednesday evening, on the eve of the final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Rihanna stepped out in New York wearing what looks to be a custom-made t-shirt that’s screen printed with a photo of Clinton wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap. 

An indication that shows she is fully and strongly behind Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Sigh! The election is schedule for November 8, barely two weeks from now.

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