Saturday, 8 October 2016

Sony can't officially announce Wizkid's deal because of Davido

Davido and Wizkid are regarded as local competition for each other.
Wizkid’s deal with Sony Music is in the bag. The singer and the music giant have negotiated, come to an agreement and sealed it. The ink is dry on the paper, both parties are happy with their business and everyone has begun working earnestly to get the obligations sorted.
Wizkid will be receiving a mind blowing advance in US dollars from his record breaking deal with Sony Music's subsidiary RCA Records, according to reports.

“According to sources, Wizkid will receive a 7 figure advance (in US Dollars) and sign to RCA Records who will handle his distribution deal in the United States”, NotJustOk had shared the inside scoop on the contract.
The deal was first revealed on September 13, 2016, with multiple sources alleging that Wizkid had signed a deal with Sony Music Entertainment and RCA Records. Further confirmation came through back channels to the media, with everyone and anyone who has access to any end of the contract speaking anonymously. The end story? Wizkid and Sony Music are in bed together.
But nobody official is saying anything. No one. Sony Music are keeping a tight lid on it, but they are  officially not denying it. Wizkid on his part is playing the coy, cryptic game.
When I sent an email to Michael Ugwu, The General Manager of Sony Music Entertainment West Africa, the response was coy. “Wizkid is an extraordinary talent. No other comment.” He said, but not without a follow-up comment to keep things interesting.
“As per other Sony Music Entertainment signings across Africa. We are a major record label signing and nurturing talent is in our business DNA on a local and global basis. Watch out for Davido's new single dropping soon as well as other exciting news.” He said.
That final statement contained more clues that can be imagined. That there is no official denial by Sony Music at any level, is a profound nod that the deal is in the bag. They can’t deny what has happened, but neither can they officially announce the deal.
Why? The answer is Davido
Sony Music had earlier performed a similar stunt with another one of Africa’s biggest act, Davido. The HKN artiste had signed up to the record label, and currently, has his projects being rolled out. He too has not denied it. “I think a lot of people are going to get signed, coming soon. But trust me, there’s work ahead of us.”, He said at the premiere of his new music video for ‘Gbagbe Oshi’.
He is speaking from the same script everyone at Sony is reading: Don’t commit, but don’t deny either.
Davido and Wizkid are regarded as local competition for each other. Although they have always maintained that there is no actual rivalry, there has always been an element of that. Davido’s project is the sole focus of Sony Music for now. They are building the buzz around it, with the singer granting interviews all through the Nigerian press circuit. He is building the hype for his EP, which will hit the market in a couple of weeks.
Sony Music cannot afford to derail the singer’s moment in the sun by officially announcing Wizkid’s deal. It throws off focus from one Nigerian to another, and will effectively set up bad blood between both artistes. Sony Music will have to hold on until they maximise the forthcoming EP. Only then can they announce Wizkid’s capture, and declare the party open.
For now, Davido’s project is holding off Wizkid’s announcement.

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