Thursday, 20 October 2016

"Stick to your bisexual status"- Angry Fan tells Singer

Following the much talked about Tekno's video and how he asked guys to allow their girlfriends to cheat on them, confesses that he loves money, girls, as well as fame. Well..., i think he got more than what he bargain for as angry Nigerians pounce on him like naked lion, calling the singer out, with all kind of names. One even ask the Duro crooner to sticks to his bisexual status rather than giving them lectures on how they should run their home. (Read here

According to one anonymous, he said:

"Keep trying to convince yourself that you're straight. The rest of us are just waiting for you realize the closet door is wide open already".

 " Tekno is gay. Er1 in Abuja know that before he blew, Some men were sleeping with him there, and he had no problem with that. Even as at this year, I know one guy that he has got with. This video is just him clowing around, Techno likes guys more than chicks. I' m not saying he doesn't like chicks at all but he has strong feelings for guys. 

"Tekno if you don't want people to know your gay gist then stop giving relationship advice about straight relationships, it will only lead to those of us that know you to speak about your Bisexuality". He said

Tekno recently asked guys to allow their girlfriend cheat and girls too, to have one night stand.

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