Friday, 21 October 2016

World happiness report: Nigeria now 103 in the world, 6th in Africa

Report has shown that Nigeria is moving backward interms of GDP per capita, social support, healthy expectancy, freedom to make life choice, generosity, and trustworthy.

The first world happiness report which was released on April 1, 2012 saw Nigeria as 72nd most happiest country in the world and 2nd in Africa. Great, right? Wait! Let's fast forward that to 2016 world ranking.

According to united nations sustainable development solutions network, Nigeria is now the 103rd happiest country in the world, and 6th in Africa. Shocked?... You don't need to be, because with the way things are going in this country ehn! Its only God that can help. And remember many things were considered before reaching that rank. GDP per capita and social support were almost exactly as important as each other to resident's happiness, with freedom to make life choice listed as slightly less important.

Compared to its African counterparts, Nigeria has relative equality interm of happiness across the country. 

The question that comes to mind now, is, "what really happen, how come we are moving backward instead of moving forward"? Sigh!

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