Tuesday, 15 November 2016

'Sperm smoothie' - UK based woman reveals her source of energy every morning

Vegetarian and mum-of-two Tracy Kiss, 29, has revealed that drinking what she calls 'sperm smoothies' has boosted both her mood and immunity. Donated by her male best friend, who harvests it and delivers it to her up to three times a week, she preserves the sperm by storing it in tubs in the fridge.

Also a personal trainer and nutritional adviser, Tracy adds it with with complementary ingredients such as bananas, seeds and almond milk, to make her smoothie. Sounds disgusting right?

However, Tracy states sperm contains lots of vitamins and minerals – including B12, which vegans like herself lack in their diets.

‘People are so weird about sperm when in actual fact a teaspoon is filled with amazing goodness,’ she says. Did her male friend and sperm supplier initially have reservations about being her personal sperm machine? Yes.

"When I first approached him, he was concerned I’d use it to impregnate myself,’ she admits. ‘But once I’d convinced him it was for my beauty regime he agreed – after all, he has a regular supply at hand! I know he’s healthy, doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs and I made him have an STI check,’ she says.

On the taste of the donated sperm..

‘Every batch tastes different, depending on what he’s been eating,’ she reveals. ‘If he’s been drinking alcohol or eaten something particularly pungent like asparagus, I ask him to give me a heads up so I know not to drink it neat. Things like pineapple and peppermint make it taste better, but I’ll happily take it straight off a spoon usually.’

Tracy also credits sperm for improving her body complexion thorough her year long facial routines. 

Source: LIB

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