Friday, 9 December 2016

Arsene Wenger insists Sanchez and Ozil are going nowhere

Both players have been leading lights for the club this season and with a decent shot at the title, the club wants to tie them down to new contracts and do away with the distraction of speculation.

Sanchez is on £130K a week while Ozil earns £140K weekly but given their important role within the club, they are angling for vastly improved terms.
They've both got just 18months and the club risks losing them if their wage demands are not met but Arsene Wenger says they are going nowhere. He said:
'These players have 18 months on their contracts and, no matter what happens, they will stay for 18 months. ‘Hopefully they’ll stay for longer than that. I can’t give any assurances, but they are completely committed. Beyond that we will try to extend the contracts but I cannot make a subject of that. That’s a normal part of negotiating. The less you talk about it the better it is. We will do the maximum we can for every single player.’
 Sanchez has been the subject of interest from China and has received an offer of £400K a week.

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