Saturday, 24 December 2016

"Corruption crusade should begin with this administration – Aminu Bashir Wali

Ambassador Aminu Bashir Wali, Nigeria’s immediate past Foreign Affairs Minister, who was also a senior cabinet member in the Jonathan’s administration in a media conversation with Desmond Mgboh of The Sun News stated that Buhari’s anti-graft crusade should begin from within his government.

When responding to the question “whether Buhari’s anti-graft fight should also target APC State governors and government that had supported the APC Presidential bid in 2015”, Alhaji Wali said that, “he who comes to equity must come with clean hands”.

“The administration is fighting but within its fold, there are those that are believed to be corrupt and therefore, they lack the moral authority to fight corruption or go to any other person.  Look into yourself. And just like they told us, “change begins with you,” he added.

What could be termed as a reference to the corruption allegations against the Secretary to the Federal Government - Babachir David Lawal, Alhaji Wali said that, “the fight against corruption begins with you inside your administration before you now move out to others.

“So if there were allegations that within the government and that within the ruling party there were those people that were being accused of one thing or the other, these accusations should not be ignored. That is why a lot of people are saying that the fight against corruption is being selective. So that really gives less legitimacy to the efforts at fighting corruption.”

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