Thursday, 8 December 2016

'I want on last sex'- 60 year old man reveals

 60-year-old Madala Sello Manzini, who claims he has gone for the last 20 years without sex said he is tired of living as all his girlfriends either die or leave him before they could have sex. Sello, from Jerusalem squatter camp in Roodepoort, Joburg told Daily Sun his days are numbered. "My wish is to have one last poke before I leave this world." he said. 

He said he thinks he was bewitched when he was 40 years old and living in Germiston, Ekurhuleni.

"I had a girlfriend and I thought we would get married. I had a good job and everything was fine."

But his girlfriend fell ill and died in November 1996. 

"We had planned to get married in December that same year. I mourned her death for some time. Years later I started looking for a partner but I never found one."

He said he moved to Orange Farm, south of Joburg and found a girlfriend.

"We never had sex but things were looking good." But one day he came home to find he had been thrown out of his shack. "I left Orange Farm and lost contact with my girlfriend."

He moved to Mofolo, Soweto where after five years, he again met a woman, but she was run over and died.

"We were still getting to know each other. We never had sex."

He moved to a run-down house in Snake Park, Soweto and fixed the house but he was evicted there as well. 

"I had met a woman and things were promising but I had to move."

He said he is in Jerusalem now, but he thinks he might die before he gets a woman. A Sangoma, Jabulani Mthimkhulu said the madala should have held a cleansing ceremony after his first girlfriend died.

"It seems like her spirit is following him and is very jealous. He won’t have any woman in his life unless he does a cleansing."

Source: Daily Sun SA

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