Thursday, 15 December 2016

Man drowns his daughter, killed pet dogs and hung himself to 'punish his wife'

Darren Flux Edmonds, 44, drowned his 6-year old daughter, Keziah, in their bathtub, then placed her body beside those of the family dogs, Arnie and Maximux, before taking his own life. He did this to punish his wife for leaving him.

 This incident occurred in East Cowes, Isle of Wight, England while Edmonds’ wife Nikki Flux-Edmonds was at work. Prior to the heinous crime, Darren sent his wife, Nikki Flux-Edmonds, a message, part of which read; ‘You have left me with nothing, I’ll leave you with only memories.’

Mrs Flux-Edmonds had been on her way to see a client when she got the message. She immediately called the police and made her way home only to find Darren hanging from the rafters of the loft. Her daughter was found in the master bedroom with her arms wrapped around her dogs. She was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

It was gathered that Darren who was separated from his wife of twelve years was seeing a therapist as regards his mental health and had revealed how he had dreams about murdering his wife and daughter. He followed through on that dream when he was left alone to look after Keziah. Nikki said she noticed something different about him as she left him with their daughter but thought nothing of it.

The devastated mother while mourning her daughter said; 

“She was my world. Darren has killed my baby and my boys (the dogs). He was petrified I was going to go with someone else and did that to punish me. My world is over. I have nothing left, my whole life was Keziah. She was my only chance of having a child. I did everything to make her happy and I have nothing left.” 

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