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'Religion Is The Opium Of The People'- by Oni Ademola

If you find it hard reading your books in school, your bible or quran, please don't bother reading this article, its not for you.

In this piece of mine, I will attempt to give a different view to a statement that predates my great-grandfather's existence. 
It will only interest you to fly closely with me, you don't want to miss the landing.

If you ever studied the course I read in school or something similar to it, or perhaps you are a seasoned economist or socialist, then this statement credited to Karl Marx, won't be strange. It is a statement often used to berate the impact of religion on a people. 

Except for those of us that STUDIED these subjects, not many know it is just a paraphrase. So in order not to lose you my reader,  I will share some other parts of this statement: "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people"...there you have it!!
Many other scholars such as Novalis, Heine, Kingsley and Lenin have helped to fan the embers of this thought. 

It all centers on how religion has been used as a tool of oppression, intimidation and exploitation. In short, how religion will not let you fight for what is rightly yours.
Could they have been right?....lets read on.

What is Religion?

1. A cultural system of behaviour.

2. The belief in and worship of a supernatural controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

3. A particular system of faith and worship. 

What is Opium?

1. Opium is a highly addictive narcotic drug- Heroin

2. Anything that numbs or stupefies. 

3. To be numb or stupefied is to be partly insensible, to dull the capacity to think, thereby reducing responsiveness. 

Having laid all those preamble, let's put the pieces together. Going by the above, i can logically infer that 1. 'Our belief in God, or more personally the son of God, is Religion'

2. 'That belief is highly addictive that it slows our responsiveness and capacity to think' (as the world/flesh expects us to)

So this is it...Life is a matter of interpretation and perception.

Karl Marx felt the fact that a people believed in God made them exploited. But he accepted that we all including himself are weak, oppressed creatures and that the world was heartless. And for a minute, so many people will want to agree with that. But this is it, how could he have expected a weak, oppressed people to fight a world he himself acknowledged was heartless, without an opium; something capable of influencing our thoughts and action not to respond to the cruel world with cruelty and accept ourselves as being weak?
l am speaking to those that actually believe. Do you really believe in God and do his bidding?  I am not even talking perfection here or being a Saint.

Have you ever been filled with the spirit? Have you ever taken your time to study the word especially the books of Galatians and Romans which clearly states how those who believe in God should live (the flesh and the spirit)?

If you have, then you will discover that of a truth,  it appears like we have actually been set up to be oppressed and intimidated.
But here are the vital questions:
1.If we were to fight every oppressor as Karl Marx and Co. envisaged, would you still be alive? How many would you fight?
2. If we were to respond to every situation with the first reactive impulse, would we have done more harm or good for/to ouselves?
3. Have you actually put your your oppressors in God's hands, seeking daily to be more filled with the spirit than the flesh and God failed you?
4. How much have the human right activists and all the noise makers done to improve your standard of living?
5. Can you say your sustenance in these trying times has been based on your ability to fight rather than the grace of God?
6. Have you ever looked at happenings in your country and life and say to yourself 'this can only be God', recognizing that it couldn't have been humanly possible?

By the time you are done honestly answering these questions, there would be one more to answer:


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