Monday, 9 January 2017

Ex-Babcock student wanted

Attending a well meaningful private university like Babcock university doesn't mean you can not misbehave or that, you can not do that which is against the law. No! In fact, it is very sad to know that a product of the school is into such act!...very sad. Barth Ogbuagu Onyedikachi Paul is an ex-student of Babcock university who loves nothing but to scam people, both the students and anybody that comes his way. 

A die hard DMB fan who was recently scammed by this guy shared this on her Instagram page with the wristwatch she ordered for. See what she wrote below...
"it's sad and heartbreaking to know that someone who pass through the 4walls of our holistic and prestigious school where morals are been taught can be like this and to know your friend is now a scam.. let's help one another grow in whatever we set to do after leaving #Babcock shouldnt be a bad idea right but #scamming people shouIdn't be allowed. I ordered for a wrist watch worth #35k which was supposed to be a gift for my dad and i haven't see it till now".
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