Monday, 9 January 2017

Kim Kardashian Paris jewel robbery: 16 people arrested

 Internationale media reports that French authorities have arrested Sixteen people in connection with the robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris almost 3 months ago.

The reality TV star lost ten million dollars worth of jewellery in the October heist, and has since largely stayed out of the public spotlight. The incident, during which Ms Kardashian, 36, was bound, gagged and held at gunpoint, reportedly left her "badly shaken". 

The thieves who disguised as police officers, fled from the scene on foot and on bicycles. Days after, a gemstone, presumably dropped during the getaway was found outside the Paris apartment and DNA traces were found on it .

"One of the DNA samples matched an individual known to police for robbery and criminal offences," police said. They kept him under surveillance, along with those he came into contact. After three months of investigations, they were arrested during early morning raids in the Paris region, Normandy and the French Riviera

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