Saturday, 4 March 2017

95-year-old grandfather comes out as gay in truly heartwarming interview

"I am gay, i love it that way, there is nothing you can do about that" Roman said this during a close door interview with the YouTube personality, Davey Wavey. Roman is both a parent, a grandfather and a husband to a beautiful wife but for 95 years of his life, Roman has been harboring a secret. He is gay.

At the age 95, Roman bravely came out about his sexuality to his family, who have been nothing but supportive and understanding.

Though he didn’t go into detail, Roman said that a lifetime of tragedy had led him to hiding who he was from his family.

He told Davey that he’d had enough of hiding his sexuality, and felt it was time to finally be honest with his loved ones about who he is as a person.

And now that he’s ‘out’, Roman admits he would one day like to experience a relationship with another man though he says he doesn’t have a specific ‘type’.

He told Davey: ‘I don’t look at the face, I look at the heart. Somebody to lean against, somebody who feels the heart ticking. Nobody can do that unless you let them.

‘I’ll be very honest about it, I really don’t need either physical or mental connection. But I want to go to sleep with somebody close to me. Not for any other reason, but to be sure someone cares.’

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