Wednesday, 1 March 2017

"Nigerians are clear representations of Cain and Abel's "AM I MY BROTHER'S KEEPER ??? ''—Debbie Sorella Ekong

Following the killings of Nigerians in South Africa, one miss Debbie Sorella Ekong has come out to express her feelings. In her writeup, she said Xenophobia and Holocaust are the same and as a result of that, Nigerians don't like Nigerians. Read her piece below...

In the wake of the xenophobia in South Africa with South Africans killing Nigerians, Some things must be looked at objectively. 

Lets face it. Nigerians dont like Nigerians. How then  do we expect our South African brothers to like us?  The average Nigerian has his own negative opinion about the other tribe which he steadfastly passes down to his children. 

The average Nigerian politician will steal millions and instead of investing that money here in Nigeria to boost our economy, he stashes it in a Swiss account. 

Nigerians dont like Nigerians. Ok, see this. 

A friend came in from the North to Akwaibom for her compulsory 1year NYSC. And the first advice she was given by her friends and family was "be careful of the OBIBIO'' 

They advised her that the ibibios are dangerous abd very hostile. 


First things first, its Ibibio not Obibio. 

Second things second, the ibibio's are an ethnic majority so you better Watch your step. 

Its amazing how people who do not know the first thing about a people make inferences and draw conculsions judging them with untruths. 
Many people who havent crossed the borders of their states, sit in the comforts of their living rooms passing judgement on others insensitively. Not minding that these people your are referring to are actually your brothers and sisters by reason of nationality. 

Nigerians are clear representations of Cain and Abel's  "AM I MY BROTHER'S KEEPER ??? ''

I learnt from this young corper that people in the North say that cost of living here in Akwaibom is high and very ridiculous. Really? 

I didnt know we were supposed to be trading in Kobo. 

People say things like this not knowing that they are discouraging new businesses from coming into the state. 

Nigerians dont like Nigerians. 

Some igbo tribes can't marry from some other igbo tribes. Some Akwaibomites cant marry from some tribes in Akwaibom. 

How do we expect South Africans to respect the life of a Nigerian when we Nigerians cant respect that same life. We expect them not to kill us, yet we kill ourselves? 

What's the difference between the Southern Kaduna Holocaust and the South African xenophobia? 

We must first learn to have value for each other before we expect others to place value on us. We must learn to respect the sacredness of life before we expect others to show us that same respect.

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