Friday, 30 June 2017

800 lion skeletons to be exported from South Africa to Asia this year

800 skeleton of captive bred wild lions are now elligible for export from South Africa to Asia this year. The government said on Wednesday after meeting the demand for the bones in part of the Asia while alarming critics who believe the policy threatens africa's wild lions.

Meanwhile, the debate on how the bone industry is going to protect the continent's wild lions from being crushed by humans is still on.

According to the department, the lion bone quota meets international guidelines on wildlife trade and that its impact on wild lions is being assessed. It says it worries that a ban on the legal lion bone trade could lead to the illegal killing of wild lions for their bones.

"South Africa reiterates its concern that if the trade in bones originating from captive-bred lions is prohibited, lion bones may be sourced illegally from wild lion populations," the department said.

Before the deal, report had show that the demand of lion bones in China and Southeast Asia are high which makes tge dealers turn to south Africa fir substitute. Legal exports of South African lion skeletons increased from about 50 skeletons in 2008 to 573 in 2011, the report said.

Panthera, a global conservation group, said in March that the South African government's plans for a lion bone quota this year were "arbitrary and potentially devastating for wild lion and critically endangered tiger populations."

Source: National Post, ABC News

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