Thursday, 6 July 2017

Actress Remi Surutu's last farewell message to her dead daughter

Nollywood actress Remi Oshodi (Remi Surutu) penned down an emotional farewell message to her daughter who died few days ago. Report had it that Ayomikun died as a result of Sickle Cell anaemia. Read what she wrote below....

Dearest AYOMIKUN, 
As a mother and child, it is natural we share both physical and abstract tours, laughter, pain and compliments; but we honestly shared a bond I cannot find a most appropriate adjective for it yet.

As your friend, It has never been in my intentions to see you go through any form of pain. But as human, pain can emanate from any form and when your pain began, I have always sought God's favour to transfer your pains so you will be fully lively as you want. And in your pain, you were strong for us. We went everywhere together.

You were my immediate younger sister and remain one of the best things that ever happened to me. My confidante. You have never forsaken me or your sister. Dupe and Demilade will miss you. 
I will keep your memories forever; and in all honesty I can only console myself with the believe that I will see you again my beautiful, precious daughter. 
Please rest well till we meet to part no more my love. My prayers and affection for you will be eternal.

I have said thank you to all that are helping to give you a lasting resting place.

Your mother

She was later laid to rest today at the  Ebony Vault, Ikoyi, Lagos State. May her soul rest in peace.

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