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How Music Can Help You in a Relationship With a Girl

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They say that at the concert of Sting, women experience an orgasm on average twice more often then in bed with their partners. To find out what other miracles music can do with the fair sex, we interviewed 1300 ladies and we are now ready to tell you all about exactly what they like with their ears. This secret knowledge from will help you play on their feelings the most cynical concerts. Enjoy reading.

The Song That Lives In the Head

Music that people like, responds to those parts of the brain that are associated with emotions, speech, memory and movement activity (that's why your girl starts tapping at the beat or dancing at the first chords of her favorite hit). But more importantly, the journal Nature Neuroscience claims that a favorite melody triggers a powerful tide of dopamine - the very hormone of pleasure that stands out during sex. That's why rock musicians often gather panties on the stage, rather than bouquets of flowers.

In addition, an odd hit with a catchy melody and a clockwork rhythm that your girlfriend likes will be good long distance relationship help. Every time she hears this hit, she will immediately think of you. So it's worth watching the music trends, if you have a relationship at a distance.

The Spark Ignited

Music enhances the electrical conductivity of her skin, researchers from the University of Montreal say (from here the girls got goosebumps during Adele's concert). Your task is not to waste time: sex trainer Debbie Herbenik advises to sharpen her sensations by touching at such times - stimulation of the skin leads to the release of pheromones, which strengthen her desire.

In the Whole Breast

When her skin is particularly sensitive, touching the nipples can be painful for her, so do not try to add volume to them or look for the right radio wave. "Try to stroke her breasts with your palm, not with your fingers," says sex trainer Nicky Hodgson. - It is better not to touch nipples at all, or you can knock down all the settings. " 

It is very useful relationship help advice for those guys, who try to realize what they saw in porn.

Rhythm Guitar

A study conducted by the American Psychological Association (these guys did a lot to improve relationship help ) showed that fast music makes her heart beat faster and raises pressure, and those are, triggers of the same processes that precede orgasm. Choose rhythmic music, when you feel that she is almost ready to surrender to the raging waves of pleasure.

Caution, Wet Floor

Do not pay attention to the porn soundtracks. They are boring and to nausea sensual. Real girls do not love them at all. A recent study conducted at the University of Maryland School of Medicine showed that her body rather tunes listening to cheerful, joyful music - it causes vasodilation, and therefore, an increase in blood flow and increased power of orgasm. By the way, long distance relationship music does not have to be boring, as many men think. Yes, the girls are sentimental and they like the melodic and lyric sad songs, but simple, rhythmic music is much more effective for maintaining a positive attitude

97% of the women we interviewed said that they will be aroused by the very fact that the man made a list of songs specially for them. 4/10 of them confessed that dirty little words in the songs set them on a more adventurous way. Do the rest yourself.

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