Friday, 19 January 2018

IPhone 8 saga: Babcock University student run MAD!!

Something just happened yesterday afternoon in Babcock University; where a 500 level accounting student had a mental breakdown and went on rampage. Why you might ask or wonder? Is it the stress of preparing for his upcoming ICAN exams or people from his village? No! It was nothing else but man's greatest weakness; woman(his light skinned girlfriend in this instance).

The problem stemmed from when the girl ended the relationship with him in front of her hall(Ameyo Adadevoh hall) after which he went on his knees to plead and persuade her to reconsider. Which she disregarded despite holding on to the iPhone 8+(375,000 naira) which he bought for her and rumours of her infidelity in the relationship. The boy held on tightly to her as she tried to walk away.

This scene attracted the attention of the hall administrator who tried to intervene but got a resounding slap from the boy for her efforts.

The guy, enraged at this point, ripped off the lady's shirt and bra and latched onto her breasts. At this point, female security guards managed to free the girl from the guy, allowing her the opportunity to run inside her hall to cover her nakedness from spectating students. 

After which the guy took off his own clothes and ran into the female residence after the girl.
This led to an uproar in the female hall from female students who were shocked to see a naked guy running through the corridors screaming "Ife, Ife, Ife" (the girl's name) and confessing his undying love.

The female security guards could not restrain the guy, which afforded him the time to rampage through several floors of the hall until more security personnel(men) arrived and detained him but not without a chase. In the normal Babcock manner, a drug test was briefly conducted which came back negative. Now we await further information on the matter. Do we blame the young boy? In this economy iPhone 8+ is not small money oh.

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