Monday, 1 January 2018

"My mum happens to be my ginger"- Guinness world record breaker, Pinki Debbie

Guinness world record breaker for long dance individual, Odumewu Deborah Sunmisola a.k.a Pinki Debbie in a phone conversation with Dash Media Blog revealed even though, she went to a christian private university (Covenant University) she never for once stopped dancing. According to her, she started dancing at age 6.

"Dancing is my hobby, I do it at every opportunity I get". She said!

When asked how her dance career started, Pinki Debbie who is the first born of four children said, her mother was her ginger....she always encourages her to compete in street dance competitions.

"My mum happened to be my 'ginger', my hype person". "She loves dancing too, she encourages me when doing street dance competitions ,school choreography, e.t.c.

"I started fully while I was in the university in 2011. "I joined a dance group 'Reflection', I wasn't a professional dancer as at then but I knew I could dance well". She said.

She also revealed how she started getting the attention from fans....."in 2013, I started posting videos online and in reality, I joined the industry as a professional dancer early 2016.

When she was asked how she felt joining other Nigerians like Kaffy and DJ Obi in the Guiness Book OF Records, The 22-year old dance instructor and choreographer said, she was humbled and overwhelmed.

"It wasn't easy while on it but I'm grateful and excited".

What are your aspirations?

I joined the industry to make EMPOWER people; there are people who are even better than myself but they don't believe in themselves. She also said, " I want to start a dance school, consulting firm in terms of promotion via social media platforms".

The dancer who danced for 144hours also had this to say to the upcoming dancers....

"The major thing to do is to believe". "They have to keep holding God high and be consistent in what they do and they should remember to be humble, focused and hardworking".

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