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Author, Omojuwa Fancies Adenuga’s Story for Great Movie


Author, Omojuwa Fancies Adenuga’s Story for Great Movie

Digital media expert and author, JJ Omojuwa, has stated that the grass-to-grace story of a mercurial businessman, philanthropist, and one of Africa’s richest men, Dr. Mike Adeniyi Adenuga Jr, is a blockbuster movie waiting to be produced. From oil and gas to telecoms, philanthropy, and banking, Adenuga, has carved a niche for himself.

He has demonstrated a superior model of doing business with his entrepreneurial grit and has become a source of inspiration to many Africans. In a series of tweets last Monday evening, Omojuwa responded to a thread of tweets by another Twitter user, Tunde Omotoye (@TundeTASH), about how Adenuga rose from being a struggling migrant taxi driver to becoming one of Africa’s richest men.

Omotoye wrote on Twitter: “Read the story of one of the billionaires in Africa and never knew he drove a taxi in New York to pay for his tuition. There’s always this tenacity with immigrants, but loved how he looked for opportunities to add value when he returned home.

And it all paid off. He was even a security guard as well? You have to give it to Mike Adenuga. Honestly, I never knew this side of him. But I knew someone who could build a telecoms giant like Globacom and other conglomerates has to be a real ‘Bull’ in nature.”

Omojuwa acknowledged that while much had been written about Adenuga’s net worth, so little is really known about him and what he’s truly worth. He, therefore, suggested that the best way to celebrate him and further inspire Nigerians is a movie focusing on the businesses he built and the impact he made through them.

“Inspiring thread,” Omojuwa wrote. “Mike Adenuga’s story would make for a great movie. And whatever Forbes says he is worth, multiply by 5”.

Omojuwa also noted that the Forbes Model for determining the rich list may not necessarily work for Africa because wealth is built differently. Recall that in April 2022, Forbes released its annual World’s Billionaires List for 2022. This year’s list ranks 2,668 billionaires worldwide, with Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote and Mike Adenuga ranked 1st and 2nd richest Africans respectively.

According to him, “The Forbes model is overly reliant on stocks and hardly, if ever, moderate their calculations with debts, just stocks as the primary and often times only arbiter. Wealth in Africa plays differently. They need to have the prevailing culture and norms moderate their strategy.”

It now behooves a Nigerian filmmaker to act on Omojuwa’s suggestion and create a movie on Adenuga’s life and career journey.

Friday, 24 June 2022

Lilyungage - Foreign

 Lilyungage - Foreign

Lilyungage - Foreign
The project is split into two parts, each comprising 2 songs together , Foreign is an hip-pop vibe inspired and written by lilyungage on most aspects talk about  fake love , fake friend and also being foreign
TIME : Inspiration came from true hustle, not wasting time , like steady on the chasing the bag and goals getter ….
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Listen to Foreign Vibes EP Below;

Monday, 20 June 2022

VIDEO: Modell Clinton – ENE || @Oduataj @Modell_Clinton @sayflexxyblog

 Modell Clinton – ENE

Oduataj entertainment premiers brand new song visual from the EP "Come A Long Way".

Adewale Ridwan Clinton known professionally as Modell Clinton, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, producer, model, and dancer who released a video from one of his singles titled "ENE" from his recent new EP titled “Come A Long Way“.

"ENE" is an Afrobeat song for a global audience.

The visuals for "ENE" were directed by Happy Boy

Its Executive producer And Label boss disclose this ….






Saturday, 18 June 2022

YBLISS - Heart Desire EP


YBLISS - Heart Desire EP
Oduataj entertainment new signee Ybliss dishes out 6track EP titled "Heart Desire".
Heart Desire EP is an Afrobeat and inspiration song for the global audience.
All the tracks were produced by MYNER
4.  My Mama
5.  Grace
6.  New Day

Thursday, 16 June 2022

[Video]Bobby Black - Groove Reloaded

 Bobby Black - Groove Reloaded

Bobby Black - Groove Reloaded

Oduataj entertainment premiers brand new song visual from the Album Road to stardom.

titled “Groove Reloaded”

Groove Reloaded is an Afrobeat song for a global audience. By bobby black Ft Areezy.

The visuals to Groove Reloaded were directed by Joel Matt..

It’s Executive producer And Label boss disclose this ….


Sunday, 12 June 2022

PRAYER VS PVC , Which does Nigerians truly need in 2023

PRAYER VS PVC , Which does Nigerians truly need in 2023 The Convener of the June 12 fast, *PROPHET ISAIAH WEALTH*, in an interview session held on the 5th day of June 2022, during a live Sunday service, held at the Gospel Pillars International Church auditorium at Plot 11c, Kudirat Abiola Way, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos State, answered some questions on the above subject. Question: You said you saw Nigerians celebrating in 2023, how can we be sure about what you saw?
Answer: When a person speaks, it is important to check the pedigree of that person. Again and again, I have said things about Nations, Individuals, and Organizations, which you can find on YouTube, and they have all come to pass as I have said them. The credibility of a prophecy is based on the pedigree of the prophet. My prophecies are out there and everyone can research them and see them for themselves. Question: Many people ask, “Why fast and pray for Nigeria? We should be talking about PVC, not fasting”, how do you respond Sir? Answer: PVC is important because we need to vote but, we cannot deny the importance of fasting and prayer. The bible says in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land”. I don’t know of other people but, we are called by the name of God; but the way to get God to respond is for us to humble ourselves and pray and seek His face, and then He said, He will heal our land. I only know one person that will heal our land, and I can only reach him through fasting and prayer. Question: What do you say to a person who says we should not be gathering about prayer and argues that it is a futile effort? Answer: I hear people talk about developed nations, that they are not fasting and praying, but that is not true. A lot of the developed nations that we see today such as Britain, the United States of America, etc., have gone through their fasting and prayer season, and they still do. If you research about the U.S, there are a lot of Prayer Movements, and you would see a whole stadium full of people praying. There are a lot of prayer houses and prayer goes on 24/7 in the U.S. There are also prayer groups that pray 24hours every day for the nation. How did the United States get to where it is now? How did Britain and other developed nations get to where they are now? I did a little research about the importance of prayer and I want to share. In the history of America, on May 24th, 1774, Thomas Jefferson, who was the third president of the nation, drafted a resolution for a day of fasting. We see America developed now, we don’t know its foundation. Their foundation was fasting and prayer. When raids from France and Spain increased, President Ben Franklin of the United States proposed a general fast which was approved by Pennsylvania’s President and Council, and was published in Pennsylvania’s gazette on 12th December 1747. On April 15, 1775, just four days before the battle of Lexington, the Massachusetts Provincial Congress declared the 11th of May to be set as a Day of Public Humiliation and Fasting and Prayer to confess sins, to implore forgiveness for their transgression. Watch Video
On May 15th, 1776, General George Washington ordered the continental congress, having ordered Friday the 17th instant, as a day of fasting, humiliation, and prayer. During the threatening war with France, President John Adams, declared a day of fasting, on March 23rd, 1798, and also on March 6th, 1799. On July 3rd, 1849, during the cholera epidemic, President Taylor proclaimed the first Friday in August to be observed throughout the United States as a day of fasting, humiliation, and prayer. On December 14th, 1860, President Jamesissued a proclamation of the National Day of humiliation, fasting, and prayer. On August 12th, 1861, after the Union lost the battle of Bull Run, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday in September as a day of humiliation, prayer, and fasting for all the people of the Nation. On March 30th, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln, proclaimed the National day of humiliation, fasting, and prayer, during World War II, these were his words “It behooves us to humble ourselves before the offended Power, to confess our national sins”. In 1952, President Truman, made a National day of prayer, an annual observant stating, “In times of national crises, when we are striving to strengthen the foundation of peace, we stand in need of divine support”. Then, when we talk about Britain, we remember the words of the Queen of England when she said “I fear the prayers of John Knox more than the army of Scotland”.
So, we see that all these nations depended on prayer, they are now grown up, and they have forsaken the ways of their fathers. With the way they are today, if America practiced “gay” or was prayerless in 1770, it would not be where it is today. If Britain was prayerless in 1780, it will not be where they are today. We are now where they were and we want to copy where they are. When they were in the season that we currently are, they fasted and prayed until they came to where they are now. So, we must remember that America and Europe built on a strong foundation of prayer and fasting. How about Israel, which is one of the most developed nations in the world today, we see from the scriptures in 2nd Chronicles 20:20, how they were faced with war and they fasted and prayed, and then the prophet prophesied. And, the prophet said to them that “The Lord said this battle is mine, go with praise and worship”. The Israelites went with praise and worship and won the battle because they fasted and they prayed. This has been the foundation of every success in every major society in the world today. Question: Some people say sir that we have been praying and there are many churches but, how come we still have problems? Answer: Firstly, National Prayers require a level of authority. Secondly, when we pray, how do we pray? Scattered prayers produce no result. We need unified prayers under the hand of a prophet, backed with revelation. The essence of prayer is that we talk to God for God to talk back to us. So, when we talked to God, what was his response? If we say we prayed, what instruction did we get from God? Every time these nations prayed to God on national issues, God gave them instructions, He gave them something to do. So, when we are praying haphazardly and we are not getting the national connection, or getting a word from God by the mouth of a prophet, how do we know what to do to bring to pass the will of God? Thus, we need a collaborated prayer system, where we all pray and believe in prophecy because prophecy is God speaking back to us. And, God is telling us what to do, and we act accordingly, and thus, the result comes. Question: There has been so much talk about signing a heavenly petition to the court of heaven, what is the ‘court of heaven’? Answer: We have courts. Every society today has a court system-a judicial system. Now, imagine heaven without a judicial system? Whatever we have on earth today, was copied from heaven. Heaven has a judicial system, it has courts, of different kinds. There are courts of kings where nations can appear and present their issues. I have talked about this in my book “COURTFARE”, you can get the book to know more about it. There are actually courts in heaven, I have been there and know how it operates. When you bring an issue before that court, the ruling from it can determine what will happen on earth. We see an example of that with Abraham when he stood before the courts of God, and he spoke to God about the nation and he was able to negotiate with God, regarding the nation. So, there are courts and petitions that can be made to these courts but on a different level when you deal with it nationally, it has to be cooperation. Question: Nigeria is on the verge of a transition yet again and there is so much expectation for positive change, do you think that 2023 will work for Nigeria for a change? Answer: There are three ways to execute a national change: Leadership Submission: When a leader of a nation submits the nation to a deity, we have seen in some societies how the leader makes sacrifices to a god and connected the nation to the god. If the leader of a nation submits the nation to God, then God can move in that nation to execute a change. National Participation: When people come together because of their voice and number they can petition heaven and move heaven to bring a change on their behalf. The Place of the Prophet: Also, there is the place of the Prophet that is why I say a nation without a prophet is in trouble. A prophet can use his honour with God just as we see with Moses. Moses was able to plead for Israel when he told the Lord not to destroy them and God changed His mind, the bible said: “God repented”. We also see the same with Abraham, Elijah, etc. I intend to use my connection with God in this regard, and so, based on that connection, I can assure you that there will be a change in this country. If others join us, it will be better, that means out of three ways, we will be using two ways, I use my connection and then national participation, calling on the Lord. With 2/3, we should be able to get something down. Question: The primary elections have been concluded, and now there is a call to fasting and prayer, don’t you think that even though the fasting and prayers is good, it is a little late? Answer: The problem with our Christianity today, is that we don’t know God, we don’t know Him at all. Someone says we are fasting and praying after primaries, it’s late, how can God be late? When Lazarus died, Jesus was still sitting down, he didn’t say he was late because Lazarus was dead, rather He said “I am the Resurrection and the Life”. He came after Lazarus had died, was embalmed, buried, put in a tomb, and shut in, then he called Him out and loosed him and let him go. So, God can never be late, the reason is, that He lives in eternity, and He can scroll forward and backward in time. He can make a way where there is no way, He has given us a date to fast, June 13th-19th 2022. In communicating with God, especially on national issues which are very judicial in nature spiritually, you have to know the window of the application. You don’t just apply whenever you like. The window is open to us between the 13th of and 19th of June. So, do not just pray every day haphazardly, you need to know when the window is open, and that is why you need a prophet. Question: What are your final words to Nigerians? Answer: Prayer is important but fasting amplifies prayer. Fasting is called humiliation before God, it humbles you. David said, “I humble myself by fasting”. So, fasting is humiliation. It is always very important when you want a national transformation because the people must humble themselves. Remember the prophet Jonah was sent to Nineveh and when he told them that destruction was coming upon their nation, the bible said the king and all the people poured sand on their heads and rubbed ashes on their bodies and fasted, and God said He will not destroy the nation anymore. He changed His mind about the nation because they fasted. So, there is power in fasting. When we fast we are telling God how serious and how sorry we are. We are humbling ourselves and we are saying we believe that He is the only one that can change our lives and our nation.
In my last words, I think we should do the following: Do not give up on the Nation. Get your PVCs and go out there to vote. But, I also want to state that we should not trust in PVC, because it has failed us several times, and your vote may not be counted. So, when you vote, ensure your vote is counted, do what you have to do to ensure your vote is counted. But, most importantly, ensure there are prayers for the Nation, backing up your vote. Put your trust in God. Finally, do not speak wrong words about the nation. Remember what the scriptures say “I will give you as you have said”. We must continue to bless our nation, and our leaders, and hope for the better. #june12fast #prayfornigeria #newnigeria #Nigeria #june12 #Prophetisaiahwealth

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Ybliss: Everything You Need To Know About Oduataj Entertainment's New Signee


Ayoabayomi Efuwape Timothy: Everything You Need To Know About Oduataj Entertainment's New Signee. 


A lot is happening in the entertainment industry. A while back it was all about Mavin Records led by Don Jazzy, and DMW led by David Adeleke popularly known as Davido appreciating the talent in Boyspyce and Zhenoboy respectively.


It's all about Oduataj Entertainment's new boy Ayoabayomi Efuwape Timothy aka YBLISS at the moment.


The young talent has been going after his dream since he was only a teenager. Today, it can be said that his efforts have finally been crowned with success.


In his words, he was born on the 25th of September, 1995, and was raised in Lagos, however, he is an indigene of Ogun State, Abeokuta to be precise. He has been into music since he was 9 years old, and has been very involved in it due to his love for it.


The singer has singled out Burna Boy as his role model which is not surprising due to his love for Afrobeat.


In his words, he aims high and doesn't see himself winning awards.


Here is everything Ayoabayomi Efuwape Timothy said in an interview after his breakthrough:


Q1. Can you please introduce yourself?


Answer: My name is Ayoabayomi Efuwape Timothy, I was born on the year 1995 September 25th, I hail from Abeokuta in Ogun State Nigeria,  I was born and brought up in Lagos State


Q2. Can you list how many albums you have produced?


Answer: None


Q3. Which album is your best and what makes it your best?


Answer: I have an unreleased Ep album dropping soon

Which is titled HEART DESIRE (EP) by Ybliss AN ODUATAJ ENTERTAINMENT INC release.


Q4. What is your style of music?


Answer: I'm an afrobeat singer.


Q5. Why did you choose the style?


Answer: Because I love the vibes.


Q6. As an artist, you will have some people who are always there for you whenever you call, can you mention them?


Answer: My Family, My Friends, My fiance, and my fam


Q7. Who is your role model?


Answer: Burna boy has been my Role model from day 1


Q8. Any challenges in the music industry?


Answer: They're many but I can't complain I think all is good

What doesn't kill me makes me stronger


Q9. Where do you see yourself shortly?


Answer: I aim high


Q10. Can we talk about your producer (Oduataj Entertainment)?


Answer: First of all I will like to say a big thanks to the CEO Of ODUATAJ ENTERTAINMENT  in the person of MR TAIWO ODUALA  is a great mentor and has been a good godfather to me who always had an excellent plan for me, and the same goes for his Manager MR JOEL MATT I appreciate him also he does check on me and gives me some advice, and to my Able Producer Myner Beat I appreciate you we've been a good family  I can say it proudly I'm ready to represent ODUATAJ ENTERTAINMENT in any part of the World.


Q11. What is the feedback from your fans?


Answer: Thanks to them, they all appreciate what Ybliss is giving them and they have been supportive

I have my EP ALBUM title HEART DESIRE by YblIss AN ODUATAJ ENTERTAINMENT INC 2022. Is on its way to dropping in a couple of days.


Ybliss Ybliss

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We wish you Joseph Effiok Hogan an Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to a philanthropist, Nigeria Blogger Joseph Effiok Hogan, whose vision is rubbing on us all, hearty cheers to you today. I join the others to celebrate you and say; Happy Birthday!


we wish you many more years to come.

Quick Biography About Joseph Effiok Hogan – Happy 27th Birthday

Joseph Effiok Hogan (Born June 10, 1995) is a Nigeria Blogger, he is the founder and CEO of kessmusictv (Kessmusic) and also the founder of HoganHost
Joseph Effiok Hogan an Happy Birthday

Friday, 3 June 2022

Celebrating Prophet Isiah Wealth: A Visioneer, Innovator and Mentor


 Today, we celebrate Prophet Isaiah Wealth, a Visioneer and Innovator extraordinaire.

Prophet Isaiah Wealth is a man of great passion and hunger to reach the world with the true Gospel of the Lord Jesus. This hunger to reach the lost with the Gospel drives all his initiatives, programs, and efforts which include the recently established OneSound Bible College where he serves as Chancellor.


His expository teachings sandwiched with great illustrations and the power of the Holy Ghost has also carved him a niche as one of the most outstanding Revelator of scriptures of this time. Also, his OneSound Devotional Box is the first-of-its-kind multi-version devotional tract that now reaches several thousands of people daily.

As a pastor and sought-after Financial Adviser, he has mentored many beyond his congregation into financial freedom and helped many more in business development and strategy for wealth creation, that he facilitates in the Royalty Money Academy (RMA). His ministerial mentorship and fellowship platform – OneSound Ministerial Association, is helping many young ministers today in the way of Christ.

Prophet Isaiah Wealth preaches that hard work, backed by God, is a guaranteed formula for success. As one of his legacies of this colossus, he believes the hand of a giver is always on top. So, he prefers to work hard  to have surplus to give to those in need.

Because of his passion  to unite the body of Christ, one which he received from the Lord, He created the OneSound Revival TV- which has commenced several programs to obtain the promise of the Lord and continues to impact many with life-transforming programmes globally and on satellite via free-to-air decoders across Africa and Asia.

From glory to glory, His life tells the story of a faithful servant labouring in his master’s garden. He personifies the epochal change in the Christian faith and practices what he preaches with great leadership attitude, style, and class. He is straight forward and brilliant with biblical courage. A peace-loving leader, he is a model to Christian leaders around the world.

From the Director and Staff of  OneSound Revival TV, we celebrate you Today and We say we love you. Happy birthday Sir.







[email protected]




[email protected]


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CLUB CASCADE: Redefining Entertainment and Club Life in Ibadan City

 CLUB CASCADE: Redefining Entertainment and Club Life in Ibadan City

CLUB CASCADE: Redefining Entertainment and Club Life in Ibadan City
To reawake the City of Ibadan of it's decades old slumber in the entertainment and hospitality business, Club Cascade emerged and it has been making one of the giant stride in the industry.
With experience under the belt of the Chief Executive Officer, it has been living up to the hype  which was created prior to it's opening, bar of entertainment has been raised with the hope of maintaining the status quo.
Situated at Number 8, Ace Mall,  Awolowo Avenue,Bodija, Ibadan, satisfaction and quality service is assured as everyday is always bubbling from experienced Disc Jockey and Always hyped Hypemen, customer friendly price and satisfaction- focused service, we believe, our path towards raising the bar will be attained.
On weekdays and weekends, we are always  open to satisfy your urge, join us to celebrate, party and experience unlimited premium fun

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Adeleke Clarks, PDP's Youngest Delegate Eulogizes Makinde, Assures of Success in 2023 Elections


Adeleke Clarks, PDP's Youngest Delegate Eulogizes Makinde, Assures of Success in 2023 Elections

In the recently concluded People's Democratic Party Presidential Primaries where the Former Vice President of Nigeria emerged as the winner, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Adeleke Samuel Popular known as Clarks, also made a giant stride in becoming the youngest delegate in the Party's history.

Clarks, one of The Oyo state trailblazing politicians has described the recently concluded Primary has one that will be remembered in history for a long time as the most peaceful and generally encouraging because it shows how fast our democracy is growing as compared to other years.

During his media chat with Oyo Mind, he said, "I always wish elections can be as free and fair and peaceful as this and want other parties to emulate from us, it is a great thing to show and encourage how fast our democracy as grown in the 23 years of democracy.

I am very sure our great party is going to win the fast approaching general election, the development of our Dear Nation which has been put on hold is going to be encouraging as we will strictly adhered to our manifestos.

He also eulogized Governor Seyi Abiodun Makinde, the Executive Governor of Oyo State over his believes and decision to build and encourage youth in governance. In Nigeria, he is the only one with the most youth friendly policy, he is the one with the youngest commissioner and he also helped me to become a delegate in the just concluded Congress, I am really grateful"

Friday, 27 May 2022

Cute Abiola Unveiled As RO and Co Properties Brand Ambassador


Cute Abiola Unveiled As RO and Co Properties Brand Ambassador
Popular Nollywood skit maker, Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin popularly known as Cute Abiola has been unveiled as the brand ambassador for R O and Co Properties.
The unveiling ceremony which took place on Friday, held at the head office of R O and Co properties in the city of Ibadan, Oyo State.
Speaking at the event, the chairman of  R. O and Co, Mr. Ridwan Olayiwola said “the company decided to sign on the one of the best male Skit maker in Nigeria because of his dynamism, and his hardworking disposition which we see as one of our business tenets in R O and Co Properties.”
You're welcome to "R O and Co Properties Family, sure our working together will yield great results", he added
We are glad to inform Nigerians that henceforth, Cute Abiola will be our official face for R O and Co Properties,” he said.
R. O and co Properties is a privately owned real estate development company operating in Ibadan Oyo State, and Abeokuta Ogun State, Lagos State Nigeria.
R O and Co Properties had successful track records of delivering authentic and rewarding landed properties to over 3000 individuals and 40 organizations. Our success story is not far-fetched; we are transparent, and we keep our word.

Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Copacapana Shutdown Ibadan Over the Weekend With Whistle Party, Traffic Light Party



Copacapana Shutdown Ibadan Over the Weekend With Whistle Party, Traffic Light Party

Late last year, 2021, the City of Ibadan, Oyo State Capital City witnessed a huge hurricane in its entertainment and hospitality business as Copacapana Lounge opened its Ibadan branch and has since raised the bar beyond the range.
With its Sunday Vibes, Ladies Night, and Copa Friday among other events, no day or night of the week or weekend is treated with levity as entertainment and enjoyment became the watchword of each day.
Having invited and attracted afrobeat artists such as Reekado Banks, Skiibi, Vector, Klever Jay, etc. comedians, Music and concerts Compere, Hypemen, etc, the Bodija-based lounge has become the number one among many other entertainment and recreation hubs in Ibadan.
On Saturday, Klever Jay headlined the Traffic Light Party with hype-man B Spark, while the Fast rising Music Compere, MC Twinkle held his Twinkle Piano “The Whistle Party” amidst fanfare.
The Whistle party which was a special karaoke in which people take turns to sing popular songs into a microphone over prerecorded backing tracks with a whistle is an initiative of Copacapana through MC Twinkle, from Friday till Sunday Copacapana Sold out and the City of Ibadan was Shutdown.