Friday, 4 November 2016

Ex-wife of former President Olusegun to float new political party to be called ABC party

Ex-wife of former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, Taiwo Obasanjo, has unveiled plans to float a new political party named the Abundant Blessing Congress party aka ABC party. In an interview with the Sun newspaper, the former Mrs Obasanjo said she is on a “divine assignment from God’’.She stated that she will not be using the party to pursue any elective position but would rather use the party to help pursue the political vision of patriotic Nigerians ;

"No, I Taiwo Obasanjo will not be seeking an elective office but my members can. The party is hinged on three S: selfless sacrifice, selfless service and the third is selfless submission, saturated with self discipline and accountability. Selfless service is about serving people not with the motive of money. When we talk about self discipline, even if you come, it is a conservative party, but open to suggestion, open to improvement. My aim, my agenda, my objective is to get all of us together to fashion out a strategy of how we can recover our lost possession in this nation, our lost glory, how we can become a producing nation, instead of consuming and importing and how we can make life better. Buhari still has two and half more years to go, because a child that is going to grow will first of all crawl before walking. We don’t want to start seeking elective office only. We want this platform to have trained the people. Everyone, I call it a family, they know our vision, our agenda and what is the agenda? Like I told you, we begin indoctrination among us, so that anyone among us seeking elective office will not get there and start thinking about what to do. In fact before, once a president from our own platform emerges, the following day he will have the names of all the ministers and the Senate can do the screening. We also want to champion one term for everybody, from 2019"she said

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