Saturday, 5 November 2016

Hidden truth about PAGEANTRY and Miss Anambra 2015 sex tape

Queen Whisper Amanda Edochie on her facebook post revile some hidden truth about pageantry and what can lead to Miss Anambra 2015 Se*x Tape.

 See her post below...

"About PAGEANTRY... To all my friends, families, fans and everyone that cares to read this: I'm Queen Whisper Amanda and I'm speaking up, because of the recent sextape saga. It is true that a queen did something wrong, but you all should believe me when I say that no one is entirely innocent..I've always loved modelling, but I never thought of ever wearing a crown till I saw a platform that could boost my future intentions.Recall that I got this crown exactly November first 2015
, so I guess I have nothing to loose by saying this. Before now, I never respected beauty queens, because I know what it entails, I know desperate ladies do any and everything to become Queens, so I never wanted to be listed amongst them.. Truth about PAGEANTRY? It's biased,its corrupt and it's deadly. Should you venture into any pageant, you should be able to overcome several obstacles including your very being, just to become a queen. I was told that some pageants are legit, guess what?! THAT'S A LIE! Every Queen payed a price, little or big! Cash or kind! In my case, I had to sit and watch all the silly things that happened in camp.Maybe my surname was an edge, or just maybe it was the way I carried myself, I was lucky not to be harassed, but most ladies were not...I'm not a gay supporter, but I'm not homophobic either. Before FENI contest, I was called to contest in a pageant in ANAMBRA, I was already termed the winner even before the contest. I was TOLD to sleep with the Three young men, who at that point, was to sponsor the pageant..the position, brand new car, cash prize and other benefits were tempting, then I considered tarnishing my image just for a piece of fortune that will only last for a year.i did not, because I KNOW WHO I AM....days after that, I got a call from FENI, no need dabbling into that, since it's not the bone of contention.I agreed on some terms, then I went for it, Did I get it all? Was the deal followed to the latter? Did I acquire anything? All this questions never bothered me till now...Before you all prosecute Chidimma, I want you all to remember that she is a sister to someone, a daughter,a friend and a lover..The act or whatever she did is abominable, but "who is to say what is and what is not" it's her life that is slowly going down the drain, she is under constant threat, but no one wants to see and understand this. Her life or death is dependent on her confession..without any support, she is willing to come clean, just to satisfy you all.What if she gets killed? ALL SPONSORS OF EVERY NIGERIAN PAGEANT IS BIASED!!! Do u know who sponsored MISSANAMBRA2015?! Do the math and leave the poor girl alone! She messed up, no doubt, but ask yourself what she did NOT do, that is making them blackmail her. She is human, she made a mistake, don't kill her with words, let her right her wrong! #istandwithchidimma".

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