Saturday, 5 November 2016

Singer brags about earning $100,000 in a week

Davido is not the discreet type when it comes to his wealth and assets. The singer shared via his Snapchat that he earns $100,000 per week.

Announced in a rather boastful style, the singer dished about his accomplishment by stating that his weekly earnings is not shabby for someone of his age.

He wrote, "One life to live!! 100k dollars a week ain't bad for a 23 year old!!

This is not the first time the songster has shared stories of his success.

Earlier in 2016, he boasted that his Rolex wristwatch can buy at least twenty cars.

His excessive display of wealth has earned him a lot of criticism as he has never been the type that applies the tiniest bit of discretion when it comes to showing off.

Music-wise however, Davido is one of the amazing talents Nigeria has seen in the last decade.

He has also penned a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment, joining the increasing list of Nigerian artistes who have acquired an international record deal. 

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