Tuesday, 3 January 2017

British couple found hanging in Cambodia guesthouse (Photos)

Police have ruled out murder after a British couple were found hanged in Cambodia with their hands and feet bound together. 

The couple have been named as Robert Wells, 36, and his wife Imogen Goldie, 28. It is believed they had recently moved to the seaside town of Sihanoukville, in south Cambodia.

At the scene, authorities found an apparent suicide note blaming the NHS for 'constantly letting us down'. 

Following confirmation that the note was written by Mr Wells and an examination of the room and the bodies, police in Cambodia said they had no doubt that the couple killed themselves in an apparent pact. 

 According to their passports found at the scene, Robert Wells is from Sunderland, UK and Imogen Goldie is from Camberwell. Looking at the photos, the couple's mouths are gagged and hands tied behind their backs...suicide?  Sigh!! Investigations are still ongoing.

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