Wednesday, 25 January 2017

"It is a big slap on the face for taking big brother naija to another country"- Actor, Uche Maduagwu

Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu has again took to his Instagram wall to condemn the current TV reality show (Big Brother Naija) and the organisers for taking it to another country instead of Nigeria. He said:
This is a big slap on the face....what a local shame! Why should a reality show that is meant for one country be packaged, and shot in another country? Wait a minute, are we saying the country in which this reality show is meant for is unsafe? Are we saying the country is not developed enough to shoot it? The last time I checked, Nigeria was the giant of Africa, and not a jungle. Why is it that its only in this country that other foreigners will come, exploit, abuse and disregard us as if we are not humans? Personally, I love this reality show but when some people start taking us for granted, it pains me to the bone. I have been thinking of what could have been the reasons as to why this reality show can't be done or shot in Nigeria... What's really going on? If NBC doesn't rise up to call this people to order, very soon, they will turn Nigeria into a dumping ground. The Honorable Minister of Information has done a very great oversight job.... I commend him for this, that's why its good to always have an elderly man in the seat of power. Nigeria is far better than so many other countries in Africa, we have the best tech guys who are creative and known all over the world, we have the most serene environment, there is relative peace in this great country, yet, some people prefer to play on our intelligence by treating us like a second class African, forgetting that we unilaterally fought to end the colonial rule in their country. This show of shame must end, stop deceiving Nigerians, if this show was actually meant for us , why go thousands of miles outside the shores of this great nation to shoot it? Who are you fooling? Or what impressions are you trying to create? This is how they will soon take away all the major shows outside Nigeria for their own selfish interests. I won't be surprised if we woke up one morning to hear that some foreigners have decided to sponsor Calabar carnival, but would be doing it on the street of Johannesburg, instead of Calabar. Its sounds impossible right? But this is how its starts, if the appropriate authorities don't investigate this anomaly, and set the record straight for once. 

The big brother naija is currently holding in south Africa.

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