Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Beyonce's Grammy Award inspiration could be Oshun (Photos)

First, they said she is from church of satan, qween of illuminati and now she is representing Osun. (Goddes of beauty). Nah wah! This one nah real wah! In her first public performance since announcing she is pregnant with twins, Beyoncé donned a gold sequin gown and headpiece and a gold bikini.
But far from simply making a fashion statement, Beyonce madam was actually paying homage to an indigenous religious icon, Oshun – a Yoruba deity from West Africa for whom twins and motherhood are particularly crucial. Harvard divinity professor Jacob Olupona said.

Oshun – called Osun in the Yoruba language – is the goddess of beauty, prosperity, love, order, fertility and motherhood and is one of the most venerated deities of the religion. 

Existing since the beginning of time, she is often seen donning vibrant golden and yellow dresses and ornaments and is often compared to the Virgin Mary of the Christian faith.

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