Friday, 17 February 2017

"Big brother naija is the world we all live in brought to us in a box...television "—Oni Ademola

Mr Oni Ademola on Feb 16, reached out to some set of Nigerians on his Facebook page who thinks the popular TV reality show, Big brother naija is immoral, and as such, the show should be ban. He said "it is a reality show and not a movie" hence, life, like big brother naija, is a game. People may choose to play and be alive or don't and be evicted. 

Read his piece below....

I have read how people have berated the show for being morally deficient and of no value. It's amazing but not surprising because I know that a large number of us Nigerians have what I call a 'critical spirit' which only helps to focus on the negative.

I will start by asking, what is going on in that show that isn't happening real life? For crying out loud it is called a REALITY SHOW not a movie. Is the world we live in not as morally deficient and perverted as what they claim the show is? Why don't we die because of the immorality that has engulfed the world? We choose to stay alive because we learn how not to live wrongly and essentially because in all of the immorality, we can carve a life for ourselves and make a meaning out of it.  A lot of us live our lives not ALWAYS doing 'good' things but mostly doing the 'right' things to get us where we want....and thats life in itself!! This is just how it works with the show. You have a choice to watch or not to. A lot of the 'wrong' things they do isn't what they will want to do in public if given the choice, I mean they are sane human beings with a life. They might not be doing a 'good' thing but I think they are doing what is right to get them to where they want to be in life and I know just anybody will do same. 

I watch the show and I am glad I do, I do not support immorality but I support survival. And if you ask me what I have learnt....oh I will reel them out. Amongst many others, I have learnt how to work in a team and be a good team player. This is one reason some people cannot retain their jobs, they can't put differences aside and work with others. I have learnt how to be tolerant, patient, considerate, proactive and smart too. The list is endless. But most importantly I have learnt being original and being you is all that matters. People will judge you, like or hate you. Also, you cannot take God out of the equation. All of these is depicted in this reality show. Whether you like it or not BBN is the world we all live in brought to us in a box....Television!! The diversity and divisions that exists but also the unity and coexistence that can be achieved. I am proud that such a show came out of this country at a time like this. The country is hard but we all cannot be cajoled to live a hard life. 

If you are still alive despite all that life throws at you, BIG BROTHER NAIJA shouldn't be your headache and if it bothers you that much you can either choose to stop watching, unsubscribe or sell your TV set.

Life, like BBN, is a game. You may choose to play and be alive or don't and be evicted. What and how you choose to play is up to you.

#BBnaija...proudly Naija!!!

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