Sunday, 12 February 2017

"It has been hard for me to cope since my wife died" - Baba Suwe

Famous Nollywood Actor has revealed that things have not been going on well for him since the demise of his wife, Omoladun Omidina who died in 2009.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, the veteran actor explained that his wife's death was a great loss for him because he loved her very much.

He said “It has been hard for me to cope since the death of my wife because I don’t have any woman with me. I really loved and trusted my former wife.

“But I will marry again, and it may be soon. However, it also has to do with money, because women will not love you if you don’t have money.”

Baba Suwe was arrested by the NDLEA in 2011 for allegedly carrying cocaine but was later freed after he was found innocent of the charges against him.

On the 25 million the court asked NDLEA to give him, he said; "the NDLEA did not give me the money the court ordered, and I have forgotten about it. I’m not interested in pursuing any case against them again; I don’t have money to hire another lawyer.

“The former lawyer (Mr. Bamidele Aturu) who was pursuing the case for me is dead. He really wanted us to see the case to a logical conclusion because I’m not a cocaine pusher.

“I was really embarrassed and that incident affected my career and health. During the time, people did not call me for movies. However, I just finished working on my own movie.”

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