Thursday, 30 March 2017

Babcock University International Model United Nations unveils more secret (see)

Here is to remind you all that, the Babcock University international model United Nations (BUIMUN) is a model United Nations conference where students from all over the world come together to step into shoes of ambassadors of different countries, talking about the problems in those countries and brain storm together to bring up solutions to these problems . 

This was started because we discover that students from International Law Diplomacy, Law, Economics,  Public Administration, Political Science, History and International Studies, French and International Studies,  English and other courses find it difficult to practice the theories of international mediation as practical aspects to their studies. 

This conference helps students to  gain the following:
1. Research and communication skills 
2. Vital skills in negotiations 
3. Train students in public speaking 
4. Encourage networking e.t.c

This conference is however not limited to only the courses listed above.  It is open to all departments. It is even for both graduate and undergraduate degree students. As of this present moment a masters student has already registered for this conference, a medical student has also registered for the conference also. So it's open to everyone. 

Some of the Benefits of attending this conference are also :

1. We are giving you full accommodation for the period of the 5 day conference.
2. We are going to be feeding you breakfast lunch and dinner throughout the period of your stay. 
3. You have opportunity to interact with Ambassadors. 
4. Internship opportunities for  1st 100 delegates to register 
5. Babcock  rules like  the Tofu, curfew, dressing, jewelries, etc does not  apply. It is strictly MUN rule.

For further information and enquiries 

Call :08139393623, 07063286898 or 08134025438


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