Thursday, 23 March 2017

Davido: "An agent of inflation"– Entertainment/Social Analyst Akinyele Solchild

Entertainment/Social analyst, Mr Akinyele Solchild took to his Instagram wall to call out the Omo babaolowo, Davido who claim he had N30billion in his bank account. According to him, he took davido's father many years to be where he is now and he can say categorically that he doesn't have that kind of money in his bank account. Read his piece below...

Anyone that knows Davido I mean people that he listen to should help us tell him it haff do.

Yes he needs to stop these things he has made an habit of late. It's unacceptable. Davido can not wake up one morning and decide to make himself an agent of inflation in the entertainment industry. No way!!! As a brand developer and talent manager, entertainment manager extraordinare it's becoming hard to manage because of the sudden hike in the price of every service you need. Nothing is the same anymore not like I want things to stay in a place forever but this sudden change is abnormal.

@DjCoublon is now producing a song for about N1million.

@AmazingKlef now shoot promo pictures for N60k/attire.

Indomix @indomixng now mix and master songs for N250k/project

Industry Nite, those oyinbo that own the Spice Route now make you pay N2k that you might not get to spend when you get into their space.

To get a stylist to bring custome for photo shoot, N100k.

Featuring an artist on a project has started to look like you are asking a Igbo girl's hand in marriage. If you see list of requirement. Na bride price?

What/Who regulate these charges? What please?

All these birth because someone is having 30billion in his account. But wait 30 bili what sef? It took his father loads of years to be where he is now, and I can bet with my life ogbeni Adeleke has no godamn 30billion or should we blow whistle? Maybe he is one of those we are looking for o. Son that just started touching money not more than 4yrs is bragging about 30billion. He should behave o.

The way these things is going, Take Over MGT consultancy fee will upgrade to N250k. 
But yeah guys jokes apart, we should not frustrate the effort of an unsigned artist that is struggling to get out there.

Please I beg on their behalf. Biko.

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