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DMB exclusive: "There is no guidelines for music"– Pop singer Nuzak

In this exclusive interview with DMB, the Royal Empire Music and Art star and pop singer, Nuhu Zakari popularly known as Nuzak talks about his career, fake love in the industry except....

Can we meet you

My name is Nunu Zakari A.k.a Nuzak, I'm into music, a sound producer, and a writer.

Are you under any record label?

Yes! I'm currently under royal empire music and art

What was your growing up like?

I'm from kogi state, I grew up in Yoruba land, Ondo state to be prescise . that's the genesis of my background. You know, a lot of artist out there would tell you they started music from the scratch, some would even say they started from the womb but mine was different.

I started music at a tender age besides, I wasn't born with a silver spoon, you know, when I used to hawk for my mum, I used to sing and I used to compose songs to God so as to have more customers.

Who and who have you worked with since the inception of your music career!

Let me say I'm privilege to have worked with some top artist in the industry like Sean Tizzle, Oritse Femi, etc. All thanks to my record label, Royal empire music and art. I just dropped my latest track, OLOWOLAYEMO.

Speaking of Olowolayemo, I must say you really nailed the song but what really inspired you to come out with such beautiful piece?

Smiles! Thank you so much! I really appreciate and back to your question, if you listen to kind of music some people drop this days, its a porn kind of song, you know, you have to pass a good message to people that are listening to your song so as to keep them on a right track. Not that I am perfect, I'm just saying our parents need to know and understand the kind of music we do. Olowolayemo is a song that preaches awareness like letting our parent know that whether their wards are doctors, lawyers, engineers, they still need money and as such people only recognize the rich. Everything is all about making money.

Are your parents in support of what you do?

Yes! My mum has always been supportive right from time because from what I heard, she used to sing as well at the time she was small. Though, I wasn't born at that time but people around her at the time said she love music too. My dad on the other hand, is a strict and principle man, he is a policeman. At first, he wasn't in support but at times goes on, when he started listening to my songs,  he said OK! If that's what you want to do, no problem. Although, he doesn't have anything to offer but he do support me in prayers. 

Are you still in school?

Well, by special grace of God, I have concluded my National Diploma (ND)and still planning to further more but for now, I want to face music squally.

From what you said earlier, are you from a Muslim background or Christian?

I am from Muslim background, I mean strong one but at times goes on, I decided to change my religion to Christianity. As a muslim, there are something's you can't do, cut in! Things like? Like tainting my hair and all that, smiles! I'm a dynamic person, I can change my look at anytime.

Speaking of being dynamic, some artist believes that, without tattoos on their body, music isn't complete. What can you say to this?

Laughing!.... No no!! That's nonsense man! That doesn't have anything to do with your career as a musician. You understand, some believe if they want to do hiphop, you have to tear your clothes, or do crazy stuff like you said. It's not about that, I think this is a personal stuff, you get! It's your signature, this is what you want people to known you for, but when it turn out to be like you are doing it because certain people does it, then its nonsense, that means you are yet to discover yourself.

Music has no guide line, everything has change, its not back then when they still use to tell us you can't do this, you can't do that, this is the key, this is how it should be. Things have change now! It's all about you now.

What were the challenges you faced when you started this career and how did you overcome it?

The challenges,... Well, I wouldn't call it a challenge though but rather a motivation kind of thing, you get! That makes you an artist. One of them is finance, and I believe every artist you see out there do have that too. Nothing comes easy besides good things happen to those who hustle. Second thing is, you being under record label, you have to be more real than ever, 24/7 your hands must be on deck, so as to deliever and make your brand and your record label sticks. Hence! They are lot of challenges though but its accommodating and I'm enjoying them.

Do you also believe there is fake love in the industry?

There is always a fake love, looking at the way things are, there is a kind of caucus, like clique things. There are some people that would pretend as if they like you whereas they are not. You get!....that's the kind of industry we are in. Fake love is bound to happen.

What project are you working on now?

Like I said earlier, I have a lot of songs I'm working on. I want the world to expect seven hit singles and five videos from me this year by his grace, like I will be dropping them back to back. I have a lot of features too but presently, I want to work on my self because I want my name, brand, voice to be recognized before doing other stuff.

Do you have any other source of income apart from this career?

Uhmm!...well not for now, all I do is music but very soon, I will start something, I have a vision beyond music. That's after I must have established my name in the industry.

Can someone rely on this career without any other source of income?

For me, Its no! Putting one egg in a basket isn't good enough. Although, there are some that are doing it and if you look at them closely, they are really working hard in the music industry so as to be relevant. I believe having multiple income gives you an edge over somethings in life.

What can you say about the current situation of the country, does this have any negative effect in the music industry?

Well, its every where and not just music industry alone, I'm just hoping things would get better soon.

How do you relax?

I love staying in the studio, you know! My life is music. I love clubbing to, and I love going to beach as well.

Are you a member of PMAN?

Not yet, I'm still working on that. 

Any message for the upcoming artist?

They should just be positive. Not only artist but everybody that want to succeed in life, they should believe if others can do it, they too can do it better and they should put God first in everything they do.

Any other things you wish to say?

Yes! I sincerely own my gratitude to God and my parents because without them, I wouldn't have been alive and also to my amiable CEO, Prince Kazeem Eletu Idibo, He has been there for me, its not my power, its been God and him. Big shout out to him.

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