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"There's inflation in studio sessions due to devastating situation of the country" – Pop Singer, TENCHRIS

Prior to his success story in the music industry and his hit singles, DMB decides to pay the pop singer Tenchris a visit where he talks about his achievement and challenges except..

 Can you introduce your self sir?

My Names are Moses Ani a.k.a TENCHRIS , hails from Enugu State, lives in Lagos Nigeria, a Graduate from Institute of public health Niamey, Republic of Niger, a Rapper, a poet, a writer and a paramedic" been to bout 16 states in the country and bout 2 to 3 nearby countries in West Africa.

What was your growing up like?

Born and raised by my parents From the staples of the street, came up from the hood though we had less but yet we were blessed, growing up wasn't easy but we've got to do what we got to do to survive since life lessons ain't learnt in one day! I'm done with the lessons and right now am up for the blessings.

Are you still in school? 

Done with school graduated in 2015 then rounded up in 2016.

When did you start singing?

Came into the rap game since 2010 when we did it the old way, paper work and freestyles where the only way we made music 

What would you say is your greatest achievement in your career?

The phase I am right now, the 2017 winner of HipHop challenge which was aired on Unilag f.m  and my current Album Tenchris - Eccentric Album coming through this year

What is your greatest challenge in this career?

Money was the case! Putting up paper works without real papers to put in work is literally killing! But now am over that, unto the next one cos right now i've got up to 15 to 20 tracks and still counting

What were the challenges you faced when you started this career and how did you overcome it?

RAP in Africa ain't literally recognised back then and people won't support you if you don't give them what they crave for, so all I did was do my stuffs the real african way! My freestyles were majorly on african beat then the recognition came in.

Do you have any other source of income apart from this job?

Yeah yeah yeah that's why I put in my best into whatever I find myself doing at any point in time

Can some one rely on this career without mixing other jobs?

Yeah sure they can if they put in their best! The competition is mind blowing but the best is to do you and put out the best of you

Who and who have you work with?

I've worked with some dope Artist such as INDO, OLEK , S.I.Q, King OZ, MUZING, Holihart, Fayme, Mufasa,  With the help of producers such as OG Carter Millz a.k.a Stonez da Silly Producer, Timi Blaze of Genius Music, Kelly and Danny of Deuce Ace Studios

What project are you currently work on?

 Wow that's a big question, Probably working on my first official Album "Da ECCENTRIC" these music sounds like the name implies, good tunes, lovely lyrics, punchlines and clear delivery and it got tracks like Chukwunonso, The Rave, The Quest on it.

Y'all wait for it while grove to my other songs on Tenchris - Slayers Mixtape

What can you say about the current situation in the country, does this have any negative effect in the music industry?

The current situation really affected the industry in a big way, there's inflation in studio sessions due to the devastating situation of the country.

Are you a member of Performing Musician Employer's Association of Nigeria (PMAN)?

Nope not a member

How many songs have you released so far? 

Not certain bout it, but so far bout 15 to 20 tracks for the leased tracks and others yet to be released 

Any album yet?

Yeah still cooking it up all up in the studio "da Eccentric" Album but my mixtape is all over the internet TENCHRIS-SLAYERs Mixtape, You can stream all on soundcloud Click here

Are you under any record label? 

Unsigned yet! It's all been me all this while and the struggle made it hard to take a lift off the street but we still surviving and dishing good music to hungry fans.

Are your parents in support of what you do?

Yeah but not easy at first cos they were more interested in me getting a degree but now they saw how serious I was then they had no choice but to support what I do!

How do you relax?

Always on chills even when putting in work! Life is hard so the best remedy to make it soft is to take it easy 

What message do you have for your fans out there? 
This is our year! TENCHRIS would put y'all on another level! I'm bringing to your doorstep good music in abundance.

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