Wednesday, 19 April 2017

"Aibex Communication director eulogizes manager's excellent spirit" (Read)

Prior to his hard working spirit towards the development of Aibex Communications Company, the company's director, Mr Bola Basibo on Wednesday 19, 2017 praised the company's manager, Oni Ademola saying he is reliable and resourceful. Read the full transcript of the director's speech after the cut... 

Ademola Oni is the only manager i know personally that is not on a 9-5 employment. He is an international manager that has gotten used to meetings at 6am or 9pm,anytime of the day. He woke me up today at 3am(CT) and i wanted to cry. Why? I slept at 12am and because of Oni's "over-professionalism" yet again, i have to manage another day of 3 hours sleep.

Quick gist: In 100/200 level, i did not really like him. Of course, at age 16/17,when you see a guy in your set doing "oversabi",you might be naive to just "beef" him. I told him in 400level. He said he kind of felt some type of way about me because he always heard my name everywhere. It was more of a faculty tussle (Economics vs Political Science) than "beef". As i grew older and matured,i realized he was just being diligent. He was building his brand as Ademola Oni. I started paying attention to him. I was watching him. I am a strategic "famzer" especially when i realize you can add value to my life. I also know i would be valuable to yours no matter how minute. The only time i have been to Iperu Campus was with Oni - his BUSA campaign. He was born to be a leader. My observation game was strong.

Think about it, how are managers employed? Based on what i know,managers rise from being employees/assistant managers/previous positions. Oni was never any of these but he is Aibex manager - zero competition. The reason is not far-fetched: he is reliable and resourceful. He did not need a previous managerial position to prove this.He is dependable(without putting it in front of his name) and he is not using "leadership" as a front to exploit the weaknesses of others. During our meetings,he says things & i ponder "Am i not the one with an M.B.A degree,how does he know all these?". You should believe me when i say it is not all about M.B.A.

Irrespective of your personal sentiments about him, you can not deny his excellence. No one can deny the fact he would do it well. When his appointment press release was written,no single information was requested from him. I had watched him for over 7 years. I lost contact with him in 2015 but few months ago, we reconnected and he was still Oni.

His appointment as Aibex manager was divine. I wont bore you with the details. He has always been diligent and over 2000years after proverbs 22:29 was written...he is standing before kings and not mean men. This is not theory, this is happening in 2017. Takeaways 1. There is no way to prove that God does not exist  2. The Bible is the most complete book ever. It has been a stressful 1st quarter of 2017 for me. I "lost" a lady i really like to Aibex but i guess it was a sacrifice i had to make. We needed to start it well. Exactly one month after, you all know one of the major cores of Aibex - rasing entreprenuers. I woke up on a friend's couch yday & she said "Bola,you need to rest more,you are tired". Therefore, i am going on an indefinite break,effective immediately. 

All correspondence should be forwarded to [email protected] & @oni.ademola.

Thank you,God bless.

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