Monday, 17 April 2017

C-town Celebrity Face Of The Week 2 (Winner 2)

Another fantastic week is here and as we always do we present you C-town celebrity face of the week. This week is slightly different from last week in the sense that we have decided to drop using only a person as the celebrity face of the week and adopting two persons. Our winners for this week being week 2 are Funky P of Ororo Inc and Jennifer Paul of JP Saloon.

Winner 2 – Jennifer Paul

JENIFER PAUL name abbrivated to JP .A graduate of Houdegbe  North America University BeninRepublic (HNAUB) as Business Administration student set 2012-2015.
Born February 8 ,live in warry NIGERIA as her home town.
JENIFER PAUL also d CEO of jenice fashion world has impacted life's in Benin Republic with her fashion world in terms of creating job opportunity for pretty faces like her in d modeling aspect .
I am pretty ,very emotional and love fame and always wonna look good.My biggest dream in lyf is building a happy home as a fateful wife and mother.Am an existentialist though not an aetheist.
Having d jenice  fashion world was not enough so I step up with a salon called JP SALOON located at sekanji after the pharmacy in BeninRepublic,she also own her kitchen which is JP kitchen to say but few I Beleive d business administrator has been exhibiting her field of study after school ,Been multi talented won series of award from d Extreme TMA NSD AFC and d likes.
What I have to say to u out DER is " Don't be deceived, always be urself,No faking,be urself ,be real cus u can never hide ur character bcus character is like been pregnant.What will be will definitely be u not born to fail.

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