Thursday, 27 April 2017

C-town Celebrity Face Of The Week 3 (Winner 1)

Everybody has a sense of humour, but some people can create comic relief even from the oddest situation. That’s the type of talent MC Tush is blessed with. He came to Benin Republic in 2012 with a dream, and so far he has been slaying effortlessly.

Meet our honorable mention for this week, OGUNBGURE TEMITAYO

He has organized different comedy shows that rocked Cotonou, and has maintained high standard in his delivery. Talking about shows and project, presently, he his working on a charity program he call ” Laugh And Save A Soul” a program supported by donations from the public to help the less privileged.

He gave a brief insight to what the project entails.

“The idea came to​ life when I lost my mom on the 25 October, 2012, that was when I began to feel the pains of the less privileged, then I knew what it felt like to lose a loved one, what it feels like to live with a big hole in the heart. There and then I decided I would use all I have to make the less privileged happy, using my talent to make life worth living for them and that was what brought about the whole idea”.

Mc Tush has been consistent in serving him fans with undiluted comedy, and he has been going places.

He is our number one celebrity face of the week, congratulations to him.

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