Thursday, 27 April 2017

C-town Celebrity Face Of The Week 3 (Winner 2)

Here is another blessed week and we present to you C-town Celebrity Face Of The Week being week 3. In this week’s episode we have two vibrant men who have been consistent in their field.

Winner 2 –is Manoj

Manoj is a business Indian man. Highly business oriented and creativity inclined, he partnered to own a club in Benin republic called LEMON CLUB which is among the best rave and best selling club so far in Benin republic.

His mandate is to work with Nigeria student therefore making a Nigerian the manger of the club. So far so good various artistes has been welcomed from Nigeria to his club where he mingle with lots of students to catch fun. Ballers, spenders, poppers and ladies love him and the club itself has its ground.

So far so good he has been hard working making it deep that his name and the name of the club expands.

He decided to work with one of Nigerian students DJs, DJ KOREX.

Information reach us that working with him is just like working with a Nigerian ( Igbo man ) when it comes to tactics in business and he his very free in giving.

What about wife?

As a business man, running a club for now is our top priority, may be wife can come later. He siad.

Can you work without the Nigerian student?

I have been working without the Nigerian students in so many cases but working with them is sweet and can neva be like working alone. They all are good down from the CEO to their fans”.

One thing about Manoj again is despite him being a busy man he finds time gracing any event invited and that’s what endears him to most Nigerian students in Benin Republic.

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