Sunday, 2 April 2017

Colombia Attack: kills over 200 people

Prior to the landslide in Colombia's southwestern border province of Putumayo which caused the death of over 200 people on Saturday night, the president of the country, President Juan Manuel Santos has promised the affected people a better life than what they were living before.

The incident was as a result of  heavy rains which caused several rivers to overflow, pushing sediment and rocks onto buildings and roads in the provincial capital of Mocoa and immobilizing cars in several feet of mud.

"We will do everything possible to help them," Santos said after confirming the death toll. "It breaks my heart." Said the president.

However, 1,100 soldiers and police officers were called in to dig people out.

"We have sent a team of 150 people to make our response effective and machinery began work immediately," Carlos Ivan Marquez, head of the national disaster unit, said in a statement. 

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