Monday, 3 April 2017

"Funke Akindele Unarguably the first actress to believe in me either as a Producer or an Actor" –Yomi Fabiyi

Read his piece below...

There was a day in Yinka Quadri's office on Old Yaba Rd (OK CENTRE) and I briefed the boss on how I had been able to secure the support of LASTMA LOGISTICS for his imminent movie ADISA ONI DANFO. I eavesdropped his plan to use the agencies facility. Unsolicited, I developed a means of request, went to LASTMA HQ office & got a speedy approval. This move
d Funke & she remarked passionately "chairman, I see Lukmon as a successful producer with his approach to production at this stage". I said Thank You(then our friendship just began & she was just coming up too but does it matter because the words came when it matters.

FUNKE AKINDELE WAS THE FIRST ACTRESS TO USE ME IN HER MOVIES, MORESO BACK TO BACK. She said "see Lukmon I know you can act, find the mojo, on my part I will be encouraging you with roles in my movies, let's be taking up small small roles here and there before you know it everything will make sense". To be honest I wanted acting a later thing because it was harculean to see who can risk you. We held each other hands, we visit each other houses and gat each other's back. 

I was in her films such as: Agbefo, Aje Metta, Omo Pupa or so (forgot the title but it was directed by Ojopagogo). One movie of hers that I regret till date is "JENIFA". I was on set of Itelorun on AIT Road, Sango axis,while Funke was filming in Ikorodu. She wanted me on the set & in a good role. She was calling incessantly. When you are Funke's friend or in her heart, all she will desire if for both of you to grow. When I cannot stand her call, I took Okada from Ait Rd to Ikd. She was happy seeing me. I said Funke I have to do whatever I can tonight & leave. She was not too happy. I spoke to Muyideen S Ayinde & said even if it's an extra, let me do & leave. See what become of JENIFA & people hardly notice I was in it, sad!

On her 1st trip to London in Oct 2007, when we got to Ashosh Hotel, she said "Yomi, iwo nikan ni mo f'oju jo oh(my only person)". She told me many good plans she had for me. I celebrate you today for everything FA. Forward Ever dear. Yomi Fabiyi

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