Saturday, 8 April 2017

"I have never seen Jide Kosoko's type before- Top Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi

Read his piece below...

All I can say about the legend Prince Jide Kosoko is that in all honesty, I once wished he was my father. He is just too down to heart and humane.

I visited Prince Jide Kosoko house in late 2002 when I followed Baba Suwe, he engages me as if I was a STAR. If there is one actor, house hold name, veteran that is so plain, down to heart, that doesnt look down on anybody, it is Prince Jide Kosoko, I have never seen his type before.

Moreso, Jide Kosoko is a kind of actor you will want in your first movie, he is an household name and a cross over artist. And when I was to shoot my first film in 2004/05. I said let me try my luck by casting him. I spoke to him, he said you are a good boy and a useful one, just be sure of your date, text to remind me and I will come. 

At a point, someone said he will not come that even bigger stars cannot pin him down let alone a green horn like me. I kept my faith firmly. I accepted an initial excuse on one actor that he wont come but I insisted on Prince. He reminded me of my job without being prompted. Lo and behold he came for OMI ADAGUN.

He supports and acted in my movie productions in a way a father wants his son to grow. Some of the films are; Omi Adagun, Pajawiri, Mofe, Father Moses and so on. He saved my ass from so many negatives and forgive so easily. Except he doesnt have, he can give you everything on him him. 

The height of his personality happened when one Police Officer in the area I grew up, Somolu had problem at work, his name is Late Inspector Ayinde. His DPO had sent notice to Command that he should be sent out of NPF. He ran to me for help. I realised it was beyond me. I went to explain to Prince Jide Kosoko. He followed us to see the DPO and when he saw Prince, he said for your sake I withdraw. What else do I need from a boss.

Prince Jide Kosoko selected me in his THINK THANK COMMITTEE amongst other moments he kept me on the spot. I will always be your follower Papi Jide. I mean bold to say this, you taught me, raised me, groom me and protect me. I CELEBRATE YOU FOR AIDING MY CAREER. Prince Jide Kosoko Long life and your children shall always see helpers. I regard you much.. Yomi Fabiyi

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