Saturday, 1 April 2017

KENDRICK LAMAR - 'Humble' Analysis

Quick one! The Pope aspect in Kendrick Lama's new video depicts that he's the rap messiah, the new hiphop King of this Era, "Pope's are humble" so Kendrick is. 

The money counting aspect of the video shows how he used to have very little but now have more to be thankful for and live for, The globe cycling part shows that his jam is global warming, Kendrick is worldwide accepted for who he is, So he's busy cooking up hot and saucy hits all up in the studio then dish it out for other rappers to feed their ears with!  That's the aspect where he is on dinner table with other co-rap disciples (this is real hiphop), 

He is real

He exceptional

Punchlines with clear delivery

He appreciates natural women unlike our photoshop bitches, makeup queens and slaymamas like he said (he likes their ass with stretch marks) 

Kendrick is no measure for any new era rapper! He is a god in this game "all these other rappers worship" and that's the main reason why he called himsef KING Kendrick.

 the video is all about someone who had a very humble beginning. 

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