Wednesday, 12 April 2017

'Nigeria is a finished product country'- Ace comedian Ali Baba

Read his piece below...

Talent has never been our problem in Nigeria. It's how to discover that talent, evaluating that talent, and harnessing that talent to what is needed. Just as we have crude and other raw materials.

That's all we know how to do. Stumble on talents. And if someone doesn't help us refine it we will just let it die. We are a finished PRODUCT country. You see that guy running next to Usain Bolt, he is a raw talent from Oghara... All any well meaning country needs to do when they see this is to accelerate his preparations and get him to compete better. Not Nigeria. If he doesn't maximize his potentials... he will be wasted. 

How many interneets has he taken part in? What we will wait for is a crash programme training 2 months before a major tournament. That's what we know how to do

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