Thursday, 13 April 2017

'Nigerians are the most annoying and wicked set of people ever'- Entertainment/Social analyst Mr Akinyele Solchild

Read his piece below....

Based on unapologetic logistic, Nigerians are the most annoying, wicked and terrible set of people I have ever come across. Before I go on with my rave, please can anyone help me to understand why Nigerians have this dangerous entitlement attitude? 

This same entitlement is what they played to make People choose Efe over other housemate bcos he's from a humble background they say. I am not surprised that they are about to pull him down with the same strategy. 

Why do Nigerians feel that when they contribute to a man's success they are automatically entitled to the proceeds and if he does otherwise they will pull him down. 

Sad!! Sad!!!! Efe unfollowed some people and the witches that were crying for his success are already having meetings to drag him down. I am SO disappointment at some set of persons, they should have understood what might have warranted the move but they are the ones expressing their dissatisfaction, shame on all of you. 

Well, if you don't understand something, find out before jumping stupidly into a lagoon. @Efemoney used to be a nobody before he got into #bbnaija and today he is more than an ordinary guy. We should all agree that his level has changed. Today, Efe is a brand ambassador, business brand and a celebrity and you don't expect him not to live like a celebrity because you think he owes you gratitude for supporting his dream. 

What if his move was one of the conditions given to him by a brand he represents? Give that a thought. Meanwhile, is he the first celebrity to unfollow? Davido was given condition to unfollow some years ago so he can be verified as a brand. Teckno did, Dr Sid, Yemi Alade and many others. 

Stop WAILING foul when you can pay attention to understand simple things. I can take it from bloggers who are trying to make headlines but from a self-acclaimed industry player, you fall my hand bigtime. 

The lesson from Efe’s case should be clear, they are all around for what they can benefit, be very careful. The interest is more than love or the grace of God's. Be wise!.

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