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Nollywood film makers and other creative arts deserves more respect- Deejay Sa'id

Deejay Sa'id registered his disappointment over stakeholders' summit on Entertainment, art and culture held today 26th of April, 2017 in Kogi State

Deejay Sa'id who is a respected filmmaker from Kogi state has registered his dissapointment over the Stakeholders' summit on Entertainment, art and culture held in lokoja, Kogi state spare headed by the ofice of the Senior Special Adviser to the Governor of Kogi state on entertainment, art and culture. Here is what he has to say:

"First time in a very very very long time, I have felt the sort of embarrassment I got at the Kogi State Government house bouquet hall earlier today. I keep wondering why I got invited to an  event where my presence meant nothing, without any form of regards to certain key players, like they are doing us a favour; else they would have recognized the fact that certain people are to be taken very seriously in the cause of executing or unveiling its blueprint for a better and commendable result.

I kept everything aside to honour the invitation but right at the enterance, "the hall don full, go out" were the words the security officials used when I tried to gain entrance after showing them my IV, even when a worker who recognises me insisted that I in particular be let in that a seat will be made available for me because he knows my worth and contribution towards the creative industry in the state, yet they insisted I leave the premises without any courtesy, saying the Governor is seated inside already and as such no one can enter again. It's like assuming the 'Nigerian Entertainment Conference/Summit' is going on, then the president or the Governor of the state where it's been hosted comes in and that's it, no entertainer goes in afterward, hello? It's the organizers' show not the Governor's. Mercy's office invited us, She is the convener, it's her show not the Governor's, so his presence shouldn't stop anyone from going in.

This is entertainment, art and culture we are talking about here, certain protocols don't count. The choice of venue for the event was wrong, I was wondering if it's a general summit for all entertainers/art and culture or for Major/Certain key stakeholders in the game, If it's a general Summit, then the venue is wrong, how can such a small banquet hall be used to host all entertainers/art and culture in Kogi state? And if it's for certain players who got invited, then there shouldn't be the case of "hall don full" as the number of seats should be provided for the number of IVs that went out.

To think that people came all the way from Abuja solely for this event and were denied entrance is pathetic, some cancelled their journey for this event only not to make it inside, yet some men in 'Agbada' drove in, in exotic cars and were allowed right in just before my eyes, these are men whom I have no idea who or what they have done to better entertainment/art and culture in the state, then I ask myself, who are those they are communicating with inside? when a good number of my colleagues who are major to this summit couldn't gain entrance. I travel out of the state and I see how some states handles entertainment and entertainers and I weep for my state and wonder when it will learn to get it right. 

Mercy Johnson Okojie is innocent, and her appointment is a welcome development and the right move towards the betterment of entertainment, art and culture in the state, let's not jeopardize it with wrong moves. she (Mercy Johnson Okojie) doesn't know the state that much nor does she know the key players (those actually executing loudable projects, those selling out the state in good light), she needs to be guided right. Some of us have paid our dues, we have made certain impact to be treated just anyhow, this is a point I will keep hammering until it sinks. I will not subject myself to be ridiculed by anyone. My works keep speaking for me home and outside, and will continue to speak for me. Respect must be accorded to whom its due. God Bless us, God bless  Kogi State, God Bless Nigeria, God Bless the world.

"My name is Danjuma 'Deejay' sa'id, I'm that creative Filmmaker". Gracias, he said.

He further explained that, he has nothing against the government,  nothing against the Governor, nothing against the organizers nor the idea behind the event. "I'm just pissed  and against everything about the poor planning, organization and execution of the event."

Deejay Sa'id recently had the Lokoja premiere of his Internationally acclaimed short film 'Trapped:No way out'.

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