Saturday, 29 April 2017

'Rinse and shake until President Donald Trump is gone- An Instagram user, @True.45

An instagram user with name @True.45 took to instagram on 29th April, 2017 to say president Donald Trump's 100 days in office is like an elephant with full of shit. The shit is all the good things trump has done for americans. Read the piece below...

You see that blue basket? That basket contains all of the wonderful things Donald Trump has done in these last 100 days. The person holding that basket, well thats all of us, the American people. Now I don't want to hold that basket anymore, in fact I never wanted to hold that basket. I told everybody not to vote for that man because I knew we would all be wearing gloves and each of us holding our own little baskets being forced to fill them up each day with the shit coming out of the White House. That's why it doesn't feel like just a hundred days. When all you're doing is catching the shit spewing from the backside of an illegitimate shit factory, time passes a bit slowly. Oh and did I mention that each day you have to take that little blue basket back home and and spread it all over your possessions and then shake the rest out at work because you need the basket empty so that you can fill it again with today's new shit. Rinse and repeat until he's gone.😑 God Help US! @True.45

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